EA will not develop movie-based Star Wars games, CFO confirms

GameDynamo - Video games based on hot movies, as you guys probably know, generally stink

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GarrusVakarian1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Good, maybe there will be "a new hope" for those games then? Badum Tish.

Im here all night ladies and gents, free of charge.

Godmars2901613d ago

"...Until we get paid for it."

OrangePowerz1613d ago

So they hire someone else to develop them and only publish them? :)

andrewer1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Then buy and kill that studio for not getting enough money for them. :)

WeAreLegion1613d ago

Good news! Also, don't pressure DICE. Just let them make Battlefield. You'll make SO MUCH MONEY!

famoussasjohn1613d ago

As long as DICE isn't doing the story writing because they've lost their touch these last few Battlefield releases lol.

dcj05241613d ago

Yeah. They need to call up the guys who wrote Modern Combat (SUPER UNDER RATED) and BAD COMPANY 1&2. Even the guys who wrote Mirror's Edge. Like, they can make GOOD story game but for some reason their having a mental blockage or something.

webeblazing1613d ago

of course lol. that would be dumb to have a movie studio and have a gaming company and not use them.

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