PS4 vs. Xbox One: The Top 5 Controversies

The eighth gen is upon us. As the months and weeks have boiled down into days and hours, we, as consumers, have made our respective decisions on how to approach this generation: whether to wait or to buy. We’ve also begun to reflect on why we made this decision; after months of media coverage, of analyses, critiques, and interpretations, of judgment, we can finally figure out what mattered most to this generation. It’s been seven years since our last console launch, and it’s apparent that we, as a mature market, have now christened (or demonized) these new consoles with our money.

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gamesR4fun1770d ago

"Microsoft made silly mistakes in the PR department; they consistently miscalculated what gamers wanted in the months after the Xbox One reveal, and, when backlash was prevalent, many Microsoft executives blamed gamers and adamantly defended widely-disliked “features.” Only after a month of sustained criticism did Microsoft relent, doling out the most basic of concessions. Nevertheless, Microsoft remained the constant subject of ridicule with its executives’ rash, aloof, and sometimes condescending remarks coupled with Sony’s masterful response.

Sony’s manipulation of PR to its advantage was the PS4′s biggest strength in the pre-launch time frame. Sony consistently appealed to gamers and portrayed itself as the gamer-friendly console. Furthermore, the company went so far as to troll Microsoft on various occasions: remember E3? Sony demonstrated this upper hand was not won by sheer coincidence; it downplayed its disadvantages and allowed Microsoft to take the heat on multiple separate occasions."

Silly naw more like downright arrogant and ya Sony capitalized on it in a big way sigh.

GarrusVakarian1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Agreed, i don't think we will ever see a bigger controversy (or should i say steady stream of controversies) than the reveal and post reveal of the X1. Anti-consumer policies mixed with arrogant and disrespectful PR....dangerous mix. Pre order numbers and their image/respect have both been dented because of it.

Gonna be hard for anyone to top that.

Majin-vegeta1770d ago

1080P upscaled is>than native 1080p -_-/