PS4 Live Streams Will Not Archive On Twitch Or Ustream… Yet

With the release of the PS4 last week, many gamers have eagerly hit the share button and decided to broadcast their gameplay for the world to see to share the festivities with friends and strangers alike. . However, there’s one problem encountered by using this feature: the streams are not archiving to profiles.

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Livecustoms1646d ago

You can do it manually, by going on your twitch account and making all streams to be acrhived :D

Stick891646d ago

Doesn't work...even says so in the article. Also found out from first hand experience.

harrisk9541646d ago

Greg Miller from IGN is using the PS4 to live stream and you can go and his videos are archived.

Tommyboy45501645d ago

I've also had problems with this. Enabled the settings for it since I do stream PC gameplay but nothing. Even tried on Ustream and same thing.

Stick891645d ago

It doesn't work for me or others so first off, the disagree's...really?

Secondly yes, I have the "Archive my streams" checked in my settings, as others do, and it still isn't archiving. If anyone knows a solution to this that would be awesome. Otherwise I'm really at a loss here as to why it's only saving certain peoples streams.

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Stsonic1646d ago

So how have I been watching previous videos from AngryJoe?

Stick891646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Didn't use the PS4's built in game streaming options, used 3rd party hardware to stream.

bluelightspeed1646d ago

This is false, I've streamed AC4 and NFS:R.

ZeroX98761646d ago

archive is the key word here

PeaSFor1646d ago

indeed its working, take a look at my small test