GameStop Will Have Limited Xbox One Pre-Orders Available in Stores Tomorrow at 6 PM

Tomorrow night, as the clock hits midnight, Xbox One will be released worldwide, but if you live in the US and you didn’t pre-order there’s still a chance for you. A round of calls allowed us to ascertain that American GameStop stores will receive a limited supply of units that will be made available for late preorders tomorrow at 6 PM.

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JoelT1728d ago

I know a handful of people who tried their luck on a PS4 last week this way and it worked. Meanwhile I reserved mine right after the announcment. The more the merrier but damn, lol, wish I knew there wasn't such a rush.

Jahbu1728d ago

6pm in which time zone?

Abriael1728d ago

It's in store, so it depends on where you are.

sovietsoldier1728d ago

no fussing around for me just preordered back at e3 and mine will arrive at my door friday. i have no idea why anyone does not pre order consoles now days, why worry and fight to get one when you can just have one. ?

LaidBakLazyHippo1728d ago

because they don't know which one to get! hard to choose a console before its out

sovietsoldier1727d ago

buy both?maybe? i usually know what im getting but yeah i could see that but after e3 most have made up their minds to not wait this long.

Soldierone1728d ago

Lines already forming everywhere lol even people that pre-ordered already are sitting in line.

etownone1728d ago


I get out of work tomorrow at 6.... Was planning on going to the Microsoft store to pick one up... Probably won't even be worth the drive.

My one friend picked walked in a Kmart last Friday and picked up a PS4.
Maybe I'll just try my luck and do that

Soldierone1728d ago

It's not a lot yet, just a few. Walked into GameStop and the guy in front said "this is the line, I'm first, you can be third still"

I wasn't even walking in there for that lmao

etownone1728d ago

Well... I'll try.

I think I'll get one soon. I don't think the demand is crazy like last gen for ps4 or Xbox One. Most people that really needed it preordered, and many I know are going to wait a few months.

rainslacker1728d ago

Hmm...GameStop actually did pretty good handling the PS4 pre-order pickups. You pre-paid then they herded you into lines based on the order in which you paid off the system that day after 6pm. I got there about 15 minutes before midnight so I didn't have to wait out in the cold.:)

Soldierone1728d ago

It's not cold here at all, probably why people are waiting lol Its still pushing 90's during the day, and dips down to maybe 65 at night.

rainslacker1728d ago

hmmm...can I officially hate you now? It was 40 degrees and windy as all heck last Friday.:)