Yahoo Games Review: Xbox One delivers solid gaming, awkward interface

Microsoft won a lot of praise this summer by quickly addressing gamer criticisms of the Xbox One after its June unveiling at the E3 game convention. Unfortunately, as the launch date approaches, it's clear that the wide scope of the changes announced created a time crunch, leaving little time for the team to polish the console's features.

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B-radical1644d ago

Thanks heavy for submitting this good review :D

Good things are coming cant wait to pick mine up tomorrow sahhh keen

xHeavYx1644d ago

Shh, dude, I'm an Xbox hater, don't ruin my reputation /s

HammadTheBeast1644d ago

People actually do that? Selectively submit news?

That's low.

Oh well, good luck with XBO.

B-radical1644d ago

Hahah mate It's n4g of course it does and thanks man. I hope to have all consoles by end of next year!

hankmoody1644d ago

Looking forward to Friday. Can't wait to finally get playing!

Serjikal_Strike1644d ago

Pretty much the same thing on most reviews
Xbox One is not complete

Sounds like it was rushed to me

falviousuk1644d ago

Exactly the same for the PS4. Both consoles have launches with features missing, and faulty hardware for the PS4, will wait to see if the Xbox is blighted wiht faulty hardware as well.

Sounds like both were rushed to me

malokevi1644d ago

Awkward interface? AWKWARD INTERFACE?!?!?!

Oh, well, alright then.

kneon1644d ago

That seems to be coming up in a lot of reviews.

malokevi1644d ago

Yeah. Me thinks it will take some time to properly adapt to the voice controls. Without them, it's probably a jumbles mess.

But, once everything is set up, pins do the trick.

kneon1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

That's also come up often, they say the UI is a mess, but the voice control makes it easy when it works and frustrating when it doesn't

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The story is too old to be commented.