PlayStation 4: Why I’ve decided to not buy PS4 right now

Right now, the PlayStation 4 really isn't worth purchasing and here's why.

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neocores1768d ago

BLOD a 1% problem Lol really
Weak launch line-up its sony u can exptect to see many triple aaa games from them.
Those are his only to reasons lol really..... WOW

Fireseed1767d ago

You just said it yourself... "...its sony u can exptect to see many triple aaa games from them."

Of course their will be great games... operative word there being "will", so why is it not a good reason to wait till then?

PoSTedUP1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

im waiting for two things: Hhour (Socom) and to see how Pinball Arcade is. ill probably get it sometime after christmas/early '14. its totally worth buying right now, im just too tied up in ps3, vita, and catching up with ps2/psp games right now.

Fireseed1767d ago


I may have never been into SOCOM but seeing what they planned on for HHour I threw a few bucks at their Kickstarter to help em out, so I'll definitely be picking that up :)

Uncharted is probably gonna be the game that makes me buy the PS4 even if it's entirely just for that XD

PoSTedUP1767d ago

good gamer :). sadly i was absent from the gaming community for 8months or so during that time and i missed the kickstarter. so i try n do my share with telling people about it. i know 100% passion is going into that game, man.

and yeah UC4 is going to be the cream of the crop, so is infamousSS. but so is GT6 ;).

UltimateMaster1767d ago

Nah, not another SOCCOM, it would just be wasting talent that could have worked on better new IPs.

PoSTedUP1767d ago

its not the bs socom that zipper butchered, its from a dev that basically made socom the greatness that is was. its his choice to do this for the fans. its gonna be dope. he cant use the socom IP, so he called it Hhour World Elite. its gonna be the best socom since socom2 ill put my life on it.

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Pogmathoin1767d ago

Neocores, what is wrong with his opinions? You have yours, no problems, but he is right about games, there is not many, and he is entitled to wait till they do. Thats his reason, lol really, wow!

GuyThatPlaysGames1767d ago

I've had my PS4 since launch and I've never been happier with a launch system. Great games, not to mention 5 free games on PSN. I play it many hours a day and I just love it. Too many people take one tiny issue that happens to maybe 1 out of 100,000 units and make it seem like it's a common problem.

nosferatuzodd1767d ago

because he cant get one anywhere right now lol

ALLWRONG1767d ago

MS "the fail rate is low" PS fans say "LIE!"
Sony "the fail rate is low" PS fans say "trusted and true" now lets hold hands.

So far only one of these consoles are showing good games, the other is meh!

bsquwhere1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Because the 360 had a way above average fail rate, while the PS3 was fine and so far the PS4 is too. Facts are facts.

So far the one console that has slightly higher game reviews. Is a game from a 3rd party company. MS didn't make DR3, just paid to keep it on the X1. So don't go patting yourself on the back. Sony on the other hand has exciting 1st party studios working on PS4 exclusives. Outside of Halo, Sony has a better rep for exclusives.

Chevalier1767d ago

Yeah after MS lied about RROD and wanted to tell you that DRM restrictions are awesome! Yeah pinnacle of truth right there. Sony's recent consoles have had very low failure rates so yeah your reasoning is terrible, trying to make it sound like it's some double standard except facts backup Sony not MS.

S2Killinit1767d ago

well if you want to be fair, microsoft is the one in the business of lying, defaming other companies, and promoting anti gamer policies (that would effect not just xbox owner, but all gamers, if they gain traction). so guess who I'm gonna believe.

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Neonridr1768d ago

My only reasoning is because I haven't found one yet, lol.

I didn't preorder because I didn't think I wanted it this much. I have more than enough Wii U games to tide me over for the holidays (tack on Mario 3D World which drops this Friday onto that list). But something about it makes me want it. I even registered my PSN account just so I had my name set up for when I do get one.

Problem is, it is slim pickings. And I have $450 worth of Future Shop gift cards to use, so basically I have to wait until they have stock readily available.

Soon, I keep telling myself. I am not even that interested in the exclusives (although I will end up getting KZ). It's the indie titles through PS+ that interest me the most right now. Resogun and Contrast look awesome. One thing I have come to appreciate with the Wii U is the apparent indie support. And it looks like the PS4 will have tons too.

Finally, having both a PS4 and a Wii U is like having a finely sharpened sword. There will never be a dull moment. :P

LOGICWINS1768d ago

Me and my dad went to Bestbuy today and we were told they would have extra units come in on Saturday, but at an undisclosed time so it could be first come first serve. I'm going 2morrow to sell my PS3 and hopefully get that $100 gift card. Its a great deal. Dude in the store said his 360 went from a $10 trade in value to $100 lol.

HammadTheBeast1767d ago

If you're in US (and Canada now lol) I'm 90% sure that all stores will have saved stock for that day.

It's pretty violent in US though, from what I've heard.We don't get much here in Canada.

Scary though. It's like people are being conditioned to do stupid things on Black Friday for material goods.... like that movie whose name I forget...

Minute Man 7211767d ago

Those extra units at Best Buy are preorders that were not picked up, BB policy is they hold it for 8 days and after that they put tthe system up for sale in store. Get there early

kwandar1767d ago

The ratings on the PS4 exclusive games released to date have been pretty poor.

I have no interest. Wii U has great stuff - working on Deus Ex - great on Wii U, and will probably pick up Supermario3D (not really my thing, but reviewers are raving, and it is something I can pick up and put down). Maybe get AC4 next - and Bayonettta too. OHh and Monster Hunter 3 ...

... yeah I have too much to do to look at a PS4, given the slim pickings there.

LeCreuset1767d ago

You come off as someone that outsources many of your opinions to reviewers.

SoulSercher6201767d ago

If you have no interest then why are you here?

HardcoreDaBoss1767d ago

you need to realize all launch games for the most part are mediocre at best.. But trust me sony will step it up real soon starting with infamous SS. And xbox has the best launch games so far they will also improve a lot. As far as wii u goes.. I see plenty of future game purchases coming.. and they had a lot of great launch titles one of the best launch line ups ever.. 33 retail games i believe,, sony had 26 I think.. anyways who cares enjoy the games coming

S2Killinit1767d ago

dont you think its really short sighted to look at a handful of games and make a decision. you would do yourself a service to look at the past generations to see which company is more focused on gaming and gamers. In fact, you might even look at what each company's vision for gaming's future looks like since that was pretty evident only a few months ago when a certain company had to backtrack when gamers caught them with their hand in the cookie jar.

kwandar1766d ago

And yes ... if PS4 has lots of content in the future, I'll reconsider - I've just not decided to buy it now.

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Thehyph1767d ago

On indies: most people will tell you that Sound Shapes and flower are worth the price of admission. (If you haven't played them already)

Chevalier1767d ago

They have the order and pickup in store so check store availability purchase and pick it up. Best Buy has this purchase method advertised and Futureshop has had the same thing for awhile now as well. Maybe easier then getting them in store.

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Octo11768d ago

I bought my PS4 for what Sony has done in the past. I know that the PS4 will be starving for games and that's a FACT. It baffles me that a lot of people expects a decent to good launch line up when I think the last console that had good games at launch was the N64.

Neonridr1768d ago

Please don't say the N64 and good launches ever again in the same sentence.

While I agree that Super Mario 64 is arguably the greatest video game ever, the N64 launched with exactly TWO games.

Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64. That's it, lol.

lifeisgamesok1768d ago

The One has good games at launch my friend

Dead Rising 3
Killer Instinct

Battlefield 4
NBA 2k14

They're getting some good reviews

Regis1767d ago

Your missing AC4 in Multiplat it's one of the best Multiplat for next-gen console.

S2Killinit1767d ago

but dont forget that microsoft only caters to gamers while they are buying their consoles, they've done it before, and it seems to be their gameplay yet again. Once the gamer community is saturated, they shift focus to casuals and applications. This time around they have even made their console specifically for this purpose with all the functionalities that will come at the cost of gaming performance. If you want a gaming console, better get a gaming console, if you want a media box well then you are not promoting the interests of the gaming community in the long run.

Baka-akaB1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

"I think the last console that had good games at launch was the N64."

The n64 had an awful launch except for its far late eu release . And the dreamcast has been so far the absolute best launch seen so far , with almost all of its hits at launch .

Anyway those starvation claims always hinder me , each generations . How many people pick 4 games monthly i wonder ?

Seems to me that those claims are mostly if not usually solely made about exclusive games . There is an usual flow of a few games each month or two months , except december (when usually no one gets anything of value) and already a date for at least one of the big exclusives . Same goes for the xb1 .

I'm more worried for both about the next summer , there I fear an actual drought for those not into japanese games import . Thankfully i'll still have a ps3

HardcoreDaBoss1767d ago

dreamcast was a great launch.. its too bad people didnt buy it and led to sega leaving consoles...

Baka-akaB1767d ago

People did buy it , and it was successful at first . But sega kept messing up , EA boycotted and the ps2 came

Omegasyde1767d ago

The drought starts from January until March.

Hopefully, Planetside 2 launches in that window.

Baka-akaB1767d ago

Noy really . Multiplatform stuff like Thief , then driveclub , the indies and f2p for those that caree , are still there

Baka-akaB1767d ago

Again feels to me like people just disregard games they might not care about , as not existing . Wich is not the same at all .

Or feel like pretending , for both consoles , that suddenly the bulk of them would buy 4 games monthly and need to see the release of twice that montly between dec-jan

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Lovable1768d ago

FF 14 ARR is not up yet. The only reason why I haven't bought one yet.

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