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In classic Microsoft style the Xbox One introduces a raft of handy new features which iffy implementation prevents from reaching their full potential. They work... mostly.

Updates will undoubtedly follow. Just plugging the darn thing in for the first time triggers a 1.3GB patch download, and there will be more of these down the line. Ditto games worth playing – the initial selection isn’t bad – but neither does it contain must-haves that transcend players’ genre preferences.

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purp13m0nk3y1702d ago

Yea. Xbox1.

Jack of all trades but master of none.

Honestly I think M$ have tried to do too much with the Xbox1. It has a lot of features, but non of them seem to be properly implemented or refined.

Add to that the half baked gaming hardware that is weak and a complete PITA to program for and your left with an expensive gimmick.

XboxFun1702d ago

Each system evolves over time. Look at the 360 compared to when it first launched. The evolution is huge in terms of UI and features.

The Xbox One has that in mind and if the past has showed me anything is that MS will constantly evolve and improve on the features it has.

Half baked gaming hardware? I don't believe that for a minute and again will see more great games down the line. Maybe even sooner on Dec 7 according to Phil in an earlier article on this site.

Anon19741702d ago

There's no doubt that both the PS3 and Xbox 360 evolved as time went on, but isn't it a bit dysfunctional of reviewers to overlook the problems the system has now on the hope that it'll be better one day? I'd prefer that reviews for both systems give us an honest opinion of what the consoles are now, as we speak, not on what they could be after a few updates that may or may not fix issues.

If updates fix problems, then give us your updated impressions at that time. I hate when reviewers try to sell us on "what ifs".