Xbox And Bing Are Really Important says Microsoft CEO, But Not For Long

Not long ago we heard that future Microsoft CEO plans of trying to close Bing and sell Xbox off as soon as he gets his position as a CEO but current CEO, Steve Ballmer says a total different story. Ballmer says that they don't plan to close Bing and sell Xbox, not yet but they have this in mind, they believe that doing this will be a wise move for the company selling off these businesses to become more profitable. In a talk with Geek Wire and Seeking Alpha, Ballmer said that the console's integration of Bing and SkyDrive are examples of Microsoft executing on its plan to unify the company's devices and services.

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True_Samurai1731d ago

Just don't sell it to Apple

christocolus1731d ago

Errrm...can someone give me a link to the full interview?...something about this source isnt making much sense to that the writers opinion? Or did balmer actually say that? Would love to view the full interview.

MrPerfect8131731d ago

I read both of these and no where did i come across Ballmer actually saying something about selling Xbox and closing Bing later on...article is confusing...

christocolus1731d ago

I also found nothing relating to this article...ballmer in his outgoing message insists ms keep xbox and bing why would this article be saying otherwise?

Belking1731d ago

This is something that gamers dont have to worry about till around the year 2023 anyway because these consoles will be around at least until then. After that i don't care because theses will be the last consoles i buy anyway, and if rumors are true consoles will be replace anyway. There won't be a need for them anymore.

SLUG1731d ago

do not be like nintendo microsoft ok you are doing very good right now because nintendo is going out dose not mean that you have to xbox one is going to be the best console out their just keep doing what you are doing ok and you will be fine