Xbox One Source promotion misleads, misfires

Microsoft's super-sized Xbox One marketing campaign insulting to fans' intelligence

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Livecustoms1486d ago

Controversy has seemed to be MS best friend this year lol

Enemy1486d ago

Not nearly as good as Deceit has been.

SeraphimBlade1486d ago

How DARE this person paid to share his opinions share his opinions?!

GiantEnemyCrab1486d ago

No kidding.. It's a promo not health insurance.

malokevi1486d ago

What did he expect? This article is ridiculous.

H0RSE1486d ago

What the author describes in this article, is not exclusive to Microsoft. Many companies partake in similar practices. Does that make them right? No, but to spin it like MS are the only one's guilty, is a bit of a stretch.

SeraphimBlade1486d ago

They wanted them to write "a 50-word story about what excites you the most about Xbox One®"

Even if I were excited, I'd just write "f*** that" 25 times.

JohnnyTower1486d ago

Dude sounds pretty angry he had to give up his email for a promotion. I needed it just to get on this site.

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The story is too old to be commented.