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Submitted by excaliburps 813d ago | news

Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC video blowout — Map overview, re-imagined BF3 maps & more

Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC video blowout — Map overview, re-imagined BF3 maps & more (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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mitford  +   813d ago
battlefield looks quality i was an avid cod fan up to a few years ago then tried battlefield and the difference is night and day between the two battlefield is just pure quality
Pascalini  +   813d ago
Think Xbox one got the best looking console version

Ps4 higher Rez but worse textures and lighting
Allsystemgamer  +   813d ago
mitford  +   813d ago
Hold on to your hats
finbars75  +   813d ago
WTF are you talking about? Your watching videos of the game try playing them before making an idiotic comment. I have been playing BF4 on the PS4 the textures look great along with resolution. Sorry my friend you are another typical fanboy who only sees what he wants to see. I would have to see actual gameplay in front of me of the xboxone before making a comment like yours. But if you want to go by videos of this game and all the other xboxone games I have seen theres been alot of jaggies,framerate drops texture popups ect on 720p. So there you go enjoy your unfinished xbox that all the reviewers have been talking about. I will enjoy new maps not rehashed maps from 2 years ago.
alexkoepp  +   813d ago
Fanboy delusion:

I prefer having fewer maps cause I have a PS4!!
angelsx  +   813d ago
You don't know what you talking about.Stop dreaming
DoomeDx  +   813d ago
Kinda offtopic dont you think?
Plagasx  +   813d ago
What....have you done..
OsirisBlack  +   813d ago
Several people that have played both versions.. (Actually played not watched videos) Have stated that. "The PS4 Multiplayer looks better than the XB1 single player."

I have been playing the PS4 version nonstop since it dropped so I will not be getting it when I pick up my XB1 tomorrow night but a friend of mine already has his XB1 Copy we will run them side by side tomorrow night.
angelsx  +   813d ago
Firs fix your game then saleing dlc's
ZeroX9876  +   813d ago

I love the battlefield series, but BF4 launch was horrible. The online servers keeps crashing here and there. I have 3 friends playing on PC with me and they got as good if not a better build than mine and it's the same results everywhere.
iRocket  +   813d ago
I still think Battlefield 4 is more like BF3.5 for us PC gamers, because there really isn't a whole lotta new for us. I mean, 64 players? 60 FPS? 1080p? We had all that in BF3! It seems more like a huge expansion pack with some cool new features. For console players, it's a completely different story. They have for the first time the full Battlefield experience, and I'm happy for them. For me, I feel like skipping this, but I know Battlefield is a quality shooter. I'll probably pick this up one day with premium from a sale.
dcj0524  +   813d ago
What is your definition of a sequel? BF4 fits my definition. MW3 does not.
iRocket  +   813d ago
A game, which takes every good aspect of the last game, while ditching the annoying/bad mechanics, and finetunes them, while adding new features to keep it fresh and innovative. Advanced visuals are not a bad thing to have either. That said, BF4 fits in that in almost just about everything. But something just feels iffy in getting BF4. Maybe it's the feeling that a full game so soon after BF3 (only 2 years), or that the feel they are trying to squeeze as much money from us as possible (Premium edition is a whopping 110€!). Probably just modern military shooter stagnation taking place. I mean, the market is saturated by FPS-games, and it's starting to take it's toll. How many times can you shoot different ethnical groups in the face for points, before it starts to get old?
jetlian  +   813d ago
whats the levolution for firestorm? when can we see official china rising content
mitford  +   813d ago
I think he said around the 28th they can start showing china rising footage
jetlian  +   813d ago
you'd think with it being preorder content they would show it off. maybe they dont like giving it out free so they dont wanna show it lol
NeoTribe  +   813d ago
How about they fix there damn game that doesn't even work. The online hardly ever works, and the save files keep corrupting. Scr
CapsLocke  +   813d ago
Additional money from rehashed maps DLC is more important.
SillyBastid  +   812d ago
anybody know when this comes out for PS4? Love the choice of maps; cant wait to play Caspian and Gulf of Oman!

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