Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC video blowout — Map overview, re-imagined BF3 maps & more

Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC video blowout — Map overview, re-imagined BF3 maps & more

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mitford1770d ago

battlefield looks quality i was an avid cod fan up to a few years ago then tried battlefield and the difference is night and day between the two battlefield is just pure quality

Pascalini1770d ago

Think Xbox one got the best looking console version

Ps4 higher Rez but worse textures and lighting

finbars751770d ago

WTF are you talking about? Your watching videos of the game try playing them before making an idiotic comment. I have been playing BF4 on the PS4 the textures look great along with resolution. Sorry my friend you are another typical fanboy who only sees what he wants to see. I would have to see actual gameplay in front of me of the xboxone before making a comment like yours. But if you want to go by videos of this game and all the other xboxone games I have seen theres been alot of jaggies,framerate drops texture popups ect on 720p. So there you go enjoy your unfinished xbox that all the reviewers have been talking about. I will enjoy new maps not rehashed maps from 2 years ago.

alexkoepp1770d ago

Fanboy delusion:

I prefer having fewer maps cause I have a PS4!!

angelsx1770d ago

You don't know what you talking about.Stop dreaming

DoomeDx1770d ago

Kinda offtopic dont you think?

Plagasx1770d ago

What....have you done..

OsirisBlack1770d ago

Several people that have played both versions.. (Actually played not watched videos) Have stated that. "The PS4 Multiplayer looks better than the XB1 single player."

I have been playing the PS4 version nonstop since it dropped so I will not be getting it when I pick up my XB1 tomorrow night but a friend of mine already has his XB1 Copy we will run them side by side tomorrow night.

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angelsx1770d ago

Firs fix your game then saleing dlc's

ZeroX98761770d ago


I love the battlefield series, but BF4 launch was horrible. The online servers keeps crashing here and there. I have 3 friends playing on PC with me and they got as good if not a better build than mine and it's the same results everywhere.

iRocket1770d ago

I still think Battlefield 4 is more like BF3.5 for us PC gamers, because there really isn't a whole lotta new for us. I mean, 64 players? 60 FPS? 1080p? We had all that in BF3! It seems more like a huge expansion pack with some cool new features. For console players, it's a completely different story. They have for the first time the full Battlefield experience, and I'm happy for them. For me, I feel like skipping this, but I know Battlefield is a quality shooter. I'll probably pick this up one day with premium from a sale.

dcj05241770d ago

What is your definition of a sequel? BF4 fits my definition. MW3 does not.

iRocket1770d ago

A game, which takes every good aspect of the last game, while ditching the annoying/bad mechanics, and finetunes them, while adding new features to keep it fresh and innovative. Advanced visuals are not a bad thing to have either. That said, BF4 fits in that in almost just about everything. But something just feels iffy in getting BF4. Maybe it's the feeling that a full game so soon after BF3 (only 2 years), or that the feel they are trying to squeeze as much money from us as possible (Premium edition is a whopping 110€!). Probably just modern military shooter stagnation taking place. I mean, the market is saturated by FPS-games, and it's starting to take it's toll. How many times can you shoot different ethnical groups in the face for points, before it starts to get old?

jetlian1770d ago

whats the levolution for firestorm? when can we see official china rising content

mitford1770d ago

I think he said around the 28th they can start showing china rising footage

jetlian1770d ago

you'd think with it being preorder content they would show it off. maybe they dont like giving it out free so they dont wanna show it lol

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