EA COO Peter Moore says Battlefield 4 issues on PS4 "aren't true"

EA COO Peter Moore claims Battlefield 4 issues on the PS4 are untrue, despite mounting issues and crashes from owners of the game.

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malokevi1732d ago

I really hope this isn't true when I get my copy for Xbox on Friday, as I intend to play all weekend...

GarrusVakarian1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago ) it me or do big companies have a really bad problem with admitting to mistakes and taking responsibility? It makes me sick, they are never in the wrong in their eyes.

You rushed your game, its buggy....just accept that. Go to YouTube Mr.Moore and see for yourself but remember to take off your $-$ goggles first.

You expect us to pay £40/$60, then when we complain that there are problems you downright deny them while counting our money. As if i needed another reason to hate EA.


Lmao, i was just replying to you seeing as yours is the top comment, not you directly.....unless you are Peter Moore!?

malokevi1732d ago


I didn't make BF4, in case you somehow thought that was the case.

pompombrum1732d ago

He will then hold up in his hands in innocent protest and blame their choice of cover athletes and their pro gay stance as to why they will win the consumerist's worst company in America 2014 award.

AlexanderNevermind1732d ago

The game is broken for me. I just within the past 24 hrs can access Rush games, which crash without warning still. I cannot access the conquest game modes. I'm willing to give them time as I have no other choice at this point.

GTgamer1732d ago

It has problems on PS4/PC/PS3/360 so EA its all on you.

RegorL1732d ago

PS3 is the only one on that list I have run
_I_ haven't had any problem.

Is it a specific game mode?

NarooN1732d ago

It's obvious the game was rushed out. Even when it finally hit retail, the game was almost unplayable on PC, despite DICE claiming that the feedback from the beta would make the final game much better.

NeoTribe1732d ago

All I know is its been running horrible on ps4 since I got it. Losing connection to the server constantly, corrupting single player save files twice, and conquest mode purely not working. bastards ruined my console launch.

malokevi1732d ago

Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. BF4 is my most anticipated atm. I feel for u dude.

JVIV1732d ago

my campaign game save was last 5 times on my ps4

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Neonridr1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

"Peter are there problems with BF4 on the PS4?"

"No, completely untrue."

"What about all these videos and crashes we have showing users unable to play?"

"Well you see it's complicated...... SQUIRREL!" (takes off running)

boeso1732d ago

(takes off running, with a bag of money)

MizTv1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

lol yes there are problems
The only game mode I can get into in tdm
And all my sp saves are gone
I know it will be fixed soon but please ea needs to stop pretending it's fine

UnholyLight1732d ago

I refuse to play BF4 again til it is updated.

I was two levels or so from being done the campaign and it had already frozen a couple times but this time "The memory file has been corrupted" or something like that.

YAY now I have to start all over. WTF

Plus I can't even get into a multiplayer match

captain_slow821732d ago

that that made me laugh so very true lol

Godmars2901732d ago

Never a good thing when a company boss says nothing is wrong, while customers who bought his company's product says that there is.

At worse its going to make his products less popular.

solidjun51732d ago

I guess he's saving a spot in his trophy case for the pending "Worst Company In the World" award.

cyhm31121732d ago

i bet it is related to xbone, u know what?

ZeroX98761732d ago

Nope, been crashing on my PC a lot and I'm running it at Ultra 60fps 1080p, so yes there is issues with BF4, not the PS4 and neither the X1 (just assuming for the X1)

cyhm31121732d ago

what I meant was someone made up this to hurt PS4, and that person must be on the xbox's side.

famoussasjohn1732d ago

My buddy has had the game crash a few times on his PS4 and puts him back to the main menu for the PS4. A Youtuber that I follow on twitter said he was having issues with corruption of his gamesaves every time he turns off his console.

ifistbrowni1732d ago

both of you get a bubble up for being funny. That includes your troll comment stuntz, because i know you can't be serious. Ghost is a pile of shit.

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