EA will continue making Xbox 360 and PS3 games for years to come

EA has announced an interesting announcement today, saying that they will continue developing games for current-gens ( Xbox 360, PS3 ) and not stop in few months but instead keep developing for years to come. This week at UBS Global Technology Conference EA CFO Blake Jorgensen explained that hat the company will support current-generation games for the foreseeable future.

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rodiabloalmeida1769d ago

Not that I really care about games from EA, but I hope that they are not talking about FIFA.

Neonridr1769d ago

Why wouldn't they. There were 160 million PS3 and 360 users (combined). Most of them are not upgrading for a little while. EA and every other company would be wise not to abandon that audience solely for next gen.

LOGICWINS1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

But doing this takes away time/resources from next-gen versions of these games, assuming they're making PS3/360 and PS4/XB1 versions of the same title.

EA UFC is confirmed to be next-gen only...I HOPE Bad Company 3 is the same way. I want devs to go all out on these new consoles.

Neonridr1769d ago

I agree with what you are saying, but unfortunately companies are also thinking about their bottom dollar. Selling 1 million copies isn't as good to them as selling 10 million copies..

MegaRay1769d ago

I hope all 3rd party dev and publisher do that as im not upgrading anytime soon