Best Levels in Gaming History - Volume Nine

SuperPhillip Central writes, "WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD!

The creator of SuperPhillip Central has a passion for level design. Every facet of it fascinates him, from the aesthetics to slowly but steadily adding new mechanics to keep each level feeling fresh and interesting. It's no wonder that he started this series of articles, Best Levels in Gaming History. We've reached volume nine, and we don't feel the need to call it quits any time soon! On this edition of Best Levels in Gaming History, we take a look at a series of true classic games like Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Bros. 3, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mega Man X. However, we also dabble in a more recent title in the form of Rayman Legends. We hope you enjoy our next level picks. If you have your own favorites, please comment and tell us about them."

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