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Microsoft’s answer to Gran Turismo sees its latest sequel become an Xbox One launch title, but does it reach top gear?

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NewMonday1767d ago

locking out most of the content as DLC and still charging $60 is just wrong, it's to much to ask gamers to pay up to $100 for a complete game.

Imalwaysright1767d ago

Especially after paying € 500 for the console.

dsswoosh1767d ago

Well considering n4g is the biggest Sony fanboy site going, 7 is great.

Every other reviewer gave it 9's or close too.....

MysticStrummer1767d ago

"Every other reviewer gave it 9's or close too….."

No. There have been three or four 7s and 6.5 is the lowest as far as I know.

cbuc11251767d ago

Im gonna run out and buy some popcorn...this is gonna be good! Xbox fans swore this game was a 9-10.

sigfredod1767d ago

Karma is a bitch, trolling last week reviews lol

PraxxtorCruel1767d ago

Still sits at 82 on Metacritic which is very respectable.

B-radical1767d ago

It has got heaps of 9's just wont get 90% on metacritic

VENOMACR12271767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Majority of the sites have given 8/10, 9/10, 5/5, 4/5. Every gaming site isn't going to give a perfect score. If you had fifteen reviewers rate a game around a 6 and two rate it a 9, most likely the game is closer to a 6. But if you have fifteen reviewers rate a game closer to 9 and a couple at a 6 or 7, most likely closer to a 9.

Majority of the Forza reviews have been positive. I think a lot of PSfanboys are upset that Knack was reviewed poorly and Killzone failed to receive 9's and barely got 8's.

NewMonday1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

the Forza situation is exactly like Killzone, it got many 9s and 8s

Pintheshadows1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

7 is a good score. To me a 7 stands for good. I hate this trend of 'oh my god, game got a 7, hahahahaha'. I've seen it so much recently and it is starting to get ridiculous.

Ah good, the fanboys are already here disagreeing. Hurrah. 7 is a good score. Well worth buying.

GarrusVakarian1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

I agree, 7 is "good" on a scale of 1-10.

Regardless, don't rely too much on review scores people. YouTube is your friend when it comes to making your mind up about a game.

Although i have to admit that the reviews themselves have created some doubt in my mind about this game, less content than the old games....and selling so much content as DLC is really bad.

Pintheshadows1767d ago

It is not so much the scoring that bothers me. I buy games I want to buy, it is more the retards on here that will try and use a 7/10 as fanboy ammunition. It makes me sick.

H0RSE1767d ago

The "modern day" review chart is as follows:

1-6 = sucks

7 = okay

8-9 = good

9.5-10 = great

Pintheshadows1767d ago

You see I pay no attention to that scale as it is all kinds of wrong. 5 is average. 6 is above average. 7 is good. 8 is great. 9 exceptional. 10 should be a rarity for absolute masterpieces.

Livecustoms1767d ago

Hmmm, I swear Xbox fanboys were going crazy everytime a PS exclusive got a 7... wonder were they are now ?

B-radical1767d ago

Im here fella plenty of 9's nd 8's also brah

Pintheshadows1767d ago

In fairness, so did KZSF but they seem to have fallen by the weyside.

VENOMACR12271767d ago

Were busy reading all the 9/10, 10/10, 4/5, and 5/5's.

Livecustoms1767d ago

More like your ignoring the article when you see a 3/5 and 7/10's lol

Hicken1767d ago

Yet here you are, reading the 7/10 review, anyway.

I'm certain you were one of Xbox fanboys saying a 7 was bad for Knack and Killzone. Is it okay, now that Forza's gotten a 7, too? Or will you dismiss this as a bad review?

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