Super Mario 3D World Wii U pre-order climbs to No. 1 sales

Pre-order sales for Nintendo Co.’s Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U ranked as the top-selling video game product this week.

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ritsuka6661731d ago

Now, hopefully this will improve the Wii U's sales as well.

LOL_WUT1731d ago

Here's hoping it does but let's not forget it releases the same day as the X1 which could have an impact on the wiiu sales ;)

tehpees31731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

The person buying Mario is not the same person interested in Microsoft's offerings. Also the Wii U is a lot cheaper. A LOT cheaper.

Theyellowflash301731d ago

Two completely different market.

But if anything, I would say the Wii U will damage the Xbox One sales.

Wii U + Zelda + Super Mario 3D World for $360

Xbox One + Xbox Live + one game = $650

I think many people are going to opt for a Wii U and Mario instead

Misaka_x_Touma1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Wii U cost $300
Zelda Bundle
and buy 3 or 4 more retail games cost as much as Xbone.

Ps4Console1730d ago

Nothing wrong with the Wii U just needed more games .

sloth33951731d ago

that cant be true since they say no one has a Wii U and if they do they don't buy games on it lol

DejectedJeff1731d ago

They say a lot of things lol...

triforce791731d ago

WiiU owners buy games alot mate....

LOL_WUT1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

I beg to differ as 3rd party software sales on the WiiU are at an all time low and even to some degree 1st party titles ;)

Theyellowflash301731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )


The Wii U software sales are over 12 million units not counting the eShop

Wii U owners are buying a ton of games. They just aren't buying rip offs and late ports.

Disney Infinity, Monster Hunter, Rayman Legends, The Legend of Zelda, Nano Assualt, Ducktails Remastered, Super Luigi U, New Super Mario Bros, ZombiU, Lego City,

Have all put up decent numbers

Veneno1731d ago

This game looks like a blast. It makes me consider getting a Wii U, but then I remember the Wii U is way overpriced when I can get a PS4 for only 100 dollars more.

Fanboyssuck271731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Why would u buy a worse console for a 100 more? With no quality games. No free online, no backwards compatability, no off tv play, no innovation.

deafdani1731d ago

You should change your name to "Isuck".

Snookies121731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

You're kind of delusional there my friend. I would love to get a Wii U, but the PS4 trumps it hands down.

Also, let me correct you. The PS4 has just launched, give games time. The Wii U had like nothing great when it launched. There IS free online gaming with PS4, Free-to-play titles are free to play without needing a PS+ subscription. There is off TV play if you have a Vita. Backwards compatibility is coming with Gaikai.

So yeah... Please stop trolling. They're both great systems, and they each have their respective audiences.

WeAreLegion1731d ago

I own six physical discs for my PS4...none of which are on the Wii U. I also have eight titles downloaded on the PS4...none of which are on the Wii U.

My Wii U has New Super Mario Bros. U, Lego City: Undercover, and Earthbound.

That's it. We're a year into this thing and my PS4, which is less than a week old, has more games.

Concertoine1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Well that's your choice, though. You ignored zombi u, w101, windwaker hd, rayman, mh3u, resident evil revelations, NSMBU, nintendo land, amongst others. You could make the argument that you bought them on other systems, but i could just as well say "i bought AC4, bf4, cod ghosts, ryse, dr3, and crimson dragon on xbox one, only bought killzone shadowfall and knack on ps4! Xbox one has more games!"

AJBACK2FRAG1730d ago

Actually the PS4 offers so so off tv play via the lol, Vita!!!!!

link2Dpast1730d ago

seroiusly you have a great point there nothing new wolf in sheep clothing the only difference is graphically. not saying sony sucks but the ps4 just isnt doing it for me. the support for ps3 is bound to last at least 2 more years there basically competing with themselves. you release a good game for ps3 and ps4 or relases it exclusive for ps4 and leave out ps3 users.

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triforce791731d ago

ps4 is not that special 2 games at full HD against wiiu's 11 ?? plus Shinen are using 8k textures on Fast racing neo,can ps4 even do 8k textures,ps3 used 1k work it out.....

TheOtherVitaOwner1731d ago

please don't bring in hd in a conversation between PS$ wii u. I'm gonna won both eventually but I guarantee you that within a year the difference graphically between the two systems will not only favor the ps4 but far outshine the wii u as well

link2Dpast1730d ago

@theothervitaowner who cares about graphics. this aint Ms.america this is gaming the wiiU hands down has great games so far. yea they have had a year head start but come on we all knew a ps4 was coming Sony knew as well duhh. so if your releasing a new system at least put decent games out. and when you say outshine there many definitons when a fanboy says that, we all know nintendo games are giving a score no lower then 9 i mean exclusives so outshine on quality i dont think so but outshine on shovel ware yea sony has nintendo outshines, they already started.

JackieCruise691731d ago

>"Wii U is way overpriced..."

I can't help but laugh at that.
$300 for a Wii U console, one or two free games (depending on the bundle) along with all the basic wires(Charger and HDMI included) and the two cradles. overpriced?

Veneno1731d ago

I like that the Wii U is HD, Backwards Compatability is awesome,but I still feel that it tries to sell itself on gimmicks like the old Wii instead of real, next gen features like stream sharing games.

I would buy one for sure at 200, at 250 I would still have to consider.

R00bot1731d ago


Stream sharing games is a gimmick.
Advanced graphics are a gimmick.
The gaming industry as a whole is a gimmick.

A gimmick is a device intended to capture attention, business, or publicity.

Theyellowflash301731d ago

Steam sharing is "next-gen" I can do that with a capture card with my Xbox 360.

Miiverse is a whole social network dedicated to gamers. that is more next gen that Sony's limited share features that can easily be reproduced with a capture card and editing software

JackieCruise691731d ago

Don't you think that's asking a little too much? They're already selling at a loss as it is, so I don't think dropping the price that low will come anytime soon.
$200 would just be overkill with all it offers.
Yeah, it doesn't have that streaming feature the other two have, but hey it plays the games and does what it was made for. I guess I value different things in a console than you do, though.

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WiiUsauce1731d ago

Actually $160 more if youre trying to play online, and 60 more dollars onto that if you even want to play a game. With the Wii U, 300 dollars gets you the console, a game, free access to play games online, you also get backwards compatibility, and 60 more and you get the highest rated first party next gen game.

cesuf1730d ago

Not to mention WiiU has totally free online. And the Wii pro controller battery lasts 80 hours. Reports are in that the ps4 controller is only going for 7 hours.

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sloth33951731d ago

yeah I know I have a Wii U and I play games on it a lot

Lionalliance1731d ago

It be funny if this outsells the Xbox One on friday hehe

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