David Hayter’s Departure from the Metal Gear Franchise is More Painful than We Know

Producer Ryan Payton (formerly of the Metal Gear franchise) shed some light on what Mr. Hayter has had to go through after the confirmation that he would not be starring in Metal Gear Solid V.

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-Foxtrot1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

I feel really bad for him...Kojima is turning into a douche in my opinion

Hayter isn't an amazing actor but I'm pretty sure he could of done the motion capturing of a character he's voiced for 15 years. Kojima only did it in mine opinion because he wants to worm his way into Hollywood.

I mean to not even call him to say they are replacing him and even a "Thanks for all your hard work" is a dick move in my opinion.

I think it's worse for Hayter aswell because voice acting is his thing while someone like Keifer Sutherland is acting in tv shows and movies...for Hayter to get replaced by someone who already had their "own" thing is pretty bad.

Big Boss sounds awful in the MSGV trailers...I mean he dosen't seem like his old self anymore. Hell even Richard Doyle did a better voice in MGS4.

TransientDreamer1728d ago

Yeah, I agree that this is all on Kojima. I'm sure Sutherland is going to do the best he can with the role, and it's unfair to attack him for taking work (not implying that you were).

Glad to see Hayter is getting work though. He deserves it. I'm actually curious as to whether or not he ever plans on going back to screenwriting. It would be a nice gesture if Kojima and Avi Arad brought him back to write the MGS film.

porkChop1727d ago

I know he'sdirecting his own film this year called Wolves, I'm not sure if he wrote the screenplay though I'd imagine he did.

Kryptix1727d ago

Kojima could of at least hired him for the Deja Vu mission. It still would of been something for the fans and mean a lot to Hayter, that he's not forgotten. An easter egg that let's you play with his voice in-game for a mission or two would of been great.

I remember when most of us thought that it was all a troll attempt because Sam Fisher didn't have his original voice and Kojima would know that it means a lot to the fans to keep the voice actor the same. I guess Kojima doesn't know what the fans want, I mean...10+ years of David Hayter and he decides to change it? We wouldn't mind David Hayter again, his voice is already iconic to the character.

rodiabloalmeida1728d ago

Metal Gear is my life. And kojima is one of my favorites game devs of all. But all that you said, you said very well. And it makes me a little sad.

Snookies121728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

I agree until the part where you said Big Boss sounds awful in MGSV.

I'm a diehard MGS fan, and yes losing Hayter was a big blow. However, I wanted to reserve my opinion on Sutherland for when I actually heard his performance. It was not bad at all. Even my friend who was bashing the heck out of Sutherland as Big Boss turned around after seeing him start talking.

Again, yes it's a low blow to lose Hayter, but people are letting their nostalgia get in the way. It'll still be an amazing game no doubt. We know Big Boss' voice changed over time anyway (hence Doyle in MGS4).

-Foxtrot1728d ago

Sorry but I have to disagree with you, Keither is awful in it. He sounds bland and all you see is Jack Bauer instead of Big Boss.

It doesn't seem like he's putting any effort into it...just another pay check for him

OrangePowerz1728d ago

Well Doyle was voicing Big Boss because at that time he was very old since MGS4 played in the future.

Ground Zeros more or less plays directly after Peace Walker.

Snookies121727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

@-Foxtrot - Everyone can have their opinion, but to me he sounds fine. Again, this is nostalgia turning people against the game. Nostalgia can be a great thing if used properly, Kojima made a poor decision to change the voice actor. However, it's not only the change that bugs people, it's the lack of what they're used to seeing that is the issue here.

So many people are angry that it's just not Hayter. The voice actor could have been anyone, even someone who tops Hayter in acting ability. Even then, fans would have an issue with it. I'm fine with the disagrees, I'm fine with being told I'm wrong. This is just what I see, having been a long time Metal Gear fan. I want Hayter as much as the next MG fan, but I can live without him. That's not the reason I play MGS. I play it because I know it'll be an exceptional and quality experience. One that I won't regret buying. I genuinely feel sorry for those that can't get past the voice. I really do, I've heard people saying they simply would not play it because of this. I just hope people can appreciate the GAME for what it is, and not just the voice actor.

iDadio1728d ago

Agree with most points, to me snakes gravelly voice is one of the things that immediately spring to mind when you think about mgs.

Was it fully out of the question for Hayter to just do the voice?

Then again I remember feeling bad about the change in infamous 2 and in the end I loved the new voice and style.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

@Foxtrot: I'm sorry but calling Kojima a douche because he wants to move the MGS series forward is completely unfair. David Hayter is awesome as Solid Snake but have you seen his facial expressions when he does that voice?. He can't do subtle facial expressions like Kiefer Sutherland can and Kiefer is an experienced actor. Kiefer is doing an excellent job as Big Boss in my opinion. Big Boss and Solid Snake should have had different voice actors from the very beginning to give them a unique sound.

OrangePowerz1728d ago

Cheaper solution is to higher a trained actor to do the motion capturing and have Hayter do the voice. They did the same in Halo for Cortana to hire someone else to do motion capturing and have the normal voice actor do the voice.

CocoWolfie1728d ago

exactly even if he had to go through months of training and fitness, he could of done the mo-cap and i bet he would of in a heart beat.

OrangePowerz1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

For me a lot of the game sounds like Konami doing a sell out.

Let`s add bullet time and make the game play more like Splinter Cell.

Let`s make the female character in a way we can sell more figures.

Let`s sell a small portion of the game for 30 bucks.

Let`s have Sutherland do now the Voice so we can put a big sticker on the box for the US market saying it has Sutherland in it and start pushing the game a lot on the American centric console because they love Sutherland and Hayter wouldn`t sell the game for us.

-Foxtrot1727d ago

I feel like with all the changes he wants to make a new game.

Why force another MGS on us if it's not the same MGS we're all used to.

They now have got rid of rations aswell...I mean wtf

DecoyOctopus1727d ago

I agree with you, David sounds more iconic while kiefer sounds pretty bland, and didnt hayter act in a movie before? he also acted in the live action intro cutscene in MGS4, i dont think he would have a problem to act with motion capture but i think Kojima wanted a hollywood movie star in his game because he always wanted to make movies.

THamm1727d ago

While Payton mentioned " He’s had to repeatedly say to fans that, no, he’s not in the NEXT Metal Gear game. He’s having to go out of his way to really say he’s not a part of the Next GAME,"
Officially yes, but that doesn't rule out the game after V. Pretty sure KojiPro is doing a trilogy thing and Hayter will be in. These guys (Koji, Hayter, and now Payton) all carefully word their responses. This has been going on since day 1. I'm still waiting for the big surprise

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rodiabloalmeida1728d ago

Gonna keep an eye on this République game.

TransientDreamer1728d ago

And The Long Dark! Both interesting games that he's involved in.

rodiabloalmeida1727d ago

Oh, thanks for the heads up, man :)

Lucreto1728d ago

He is still involved. Kojima likes trolling us. He has a history of it.

GdaTyler1728d ago

Wish that were true. :(

RyuX191728d ago

Shut up man, Hayter's not in the damn game. There's no "trolling" in this. Kojima is an asshole and that's that.

Irishguy951728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

I can't wait to see if this rumor turns out to be true. And the fact that Big Boss was supposed to be in a ****ing Coma during that E3 gameplay trailer when he's in the desert...I really love that theory where Gray Fox(Big Bosses most trusted Agent of the timeline of the Phantom Pain) is taking Big Bosses place, as Gray Fox was almost Solid Snakes equal too.

Kojima did tell us he couldn't wait for his mighty troll move from the Phantom Pain to be revealed too.

Also after MGS4, it doesn't make sense that Big boss started going insane. But Grey Fox DID start killing innocents and Kids and ****. During around the exact time that Desert mission was...

IWasHere1728d ago

I still think that Hayter is in MGS V.
If I'm wrong, it's not polite from Kojima.
Kiefer Sutherland sounds great in trailers but I'm sorry for David.

WeAreLegion1728d ago

David Hayter, oddly enough, also wrote the first two X-Men films. Yes, the good ones...

I hope he continues to write films.

TransientDreamer1728d ago

Exactly, and Watchmen as well. I really would love it if he wrote the MGS film. He has the background in the film industry AND the MGS franchise. It'd be silly not to hire him.

WeAreLegion1728d ago

Oh, wow. I completely forgot about that. Watchmen was excellent!

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