Parks Associates Finds Sony Poised To Top Microsoft In Game Console Sales This Holiday Season

Research firm finds more U.S. consumers plan to purchase Sony PlayStation 4 over Microsoft Xbox One in the 2013 Holiday Shopping Season.

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GiggMan1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

For once I agree with the "analyst".

Although they have closer than what I expect.

xHeavYx1701d ago

I'm pretty sure this is the 110th analyst saying that Sony will top MS

neocores1701d ago

I cant agree to this. 1mil in 24hours... 2.3 at the end of the year. Im saying sony will have 3.5mil at the end with Europe coming in and more that will come into play

harrisk9541701d ago

As long as Sony has the consoles available at retail, it will sell whatever inventory it has this holiday season.

iiwii1701d ago

Yep, 3 of my friends got their pre order in, and another 3 didn't. They will have to wait until they have units on the shelf. One said he is waiting until the library grows a bit larger, but I think "spring" is his target. He is also thinking about the Destiny beta, which half of us are registered for. (sucks to get left out, but I told them to pre-order, lol)

GamerXGATT1701d ago

I know it likely won't happen. But wouldn't it be awesome to see the Xbox one totally outdo the PS4 in sales. For once it would shut analysts up at least.

WeAreLegion1701d ago


That's not the Sony fan in me talking. That's the gamer in me talking. Microsoft was about to do something very stupid and we called them on it. They need to learn the hard way, just like Sony did with the PS3.

thekhurg1701d ago

Not really. Microsoft does not deserve massive gamer support this generation. What they almost did to the console industry needs to ring in their wallets for a few years. They don't need praise.

xJumpManx1701d ago

Greatness Awaits, just not with launch titles.

joeyisback1701d ago

whats sad is xbone fans want microsoft to win so bad this morning at gamestop the kid got his mom in gamestop paying off his pre order for 3 of his xbones and 3 copys of each title the guy said after they left that his dad is some rich guy in town and that hes a major xbox fan buying 3 just for him self

harrisk9541701d ago

That's insane, but in reality, your story is not the norm. Most families will have trouble even affording one console this holiday. On another note, how the heck did one person get 3 pre-orders? I'm pretty sure that Gamestop limited pre-orders to one per person.

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