PS4 And Xbox One Startup Comparison Video

Angie Santiago over at SpawnFirst covers Arstechnica's video comparing the boot times for the next gen consoles. Links in the article.

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neocores1705d ago

Wow ur ps4 is slow or somthing mine takes 5secs lol

Neonridr1705d ago

that is a cold startup, not standby. No way your PS4 boots up from a cold start in 5 seconds.

True_Samurai1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Than he should've done a standby on the ps4 to be a fair comparison

neocores1705d ago

Im pertty sure it doesi dont leave my stuff on to allow my bills to rise it takes my ps4 5secs to boot cold i can record a video to prove it to

Neonridr1705d ago

@neocores - I would love to see your PS4 boot up in 5 seconds. Do me a favour, unplug the machine, plug it back in, and then turn it on. That's a cold boot.

Every night when you turn your PS4 off by pressing the power button, the system doesn't actually turn off.

I've seen countless videos of people turning on their machines, never seen it done in 5 seconds.

Maybe you have a special PS4 then if yours can do that. Who knows.

llMurcielagoll1705d ago

Unless he's got an SSD fitted. It can be a lot quicker.

Neonridr1705d ago

very true, an SSD can help. But I would still be surprised to see a cold boot in 5 seconds.

1705d ago
supersonicjerry1705d ago

15-20 seconds tops cold start up for my ps4

Elimin81705d ago

Lol @ xboxone norm startup

wcas1705d ago

Cold start to fully booted on my PS4. Around 10 seconds. Where he gets 29 sec. I don't know but something is not right.

SecondSon1705d ago

Regardless this video is completely biased!

First it makes it look as if PS4 doesn't have a quick boot. Then it wastes so much time scrolling through games on the PS4 where as on the Xbox the game is clicked as soon as the console boots, and lastly it compares the times in a way that makes it looks like the PS4 is slower.

BS gaming news at its best. Rated down.

ZBlacktt1704d ago

And so it begins.... we knew it was coming for the X1 and it's only just starting, lol.

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AngelicIceDiamond1705d ago

The Xbox in the middle just takes a cat nap.

Neonridr1705d ago

seriously, like what is it thinking about when it's taking that much time to start up, lol...

Riderz13371705d ago

I thought it froze or something...

MysticStrummer1705d ago

"like what is it thinking about when it's taking that much time to start up"

It takes time to upload previously recorded surveillance data.


Sort of.

*X Files music*

avengers19781705d ago

Loading the video and starting my PS4 at the same time, and my PS4 on about 10 seconds faster.

1705d ago
Prime1571705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Where's the PS4 standby? Your disagrees just show that this video was great.

You're right, everyone who disagreed, this video should have had 4 cameras.

It had 3: PS4 cold boot, xbone cold boot, and xbone standby boot.

Again, Where's the PS4 standby?

EDIT: See, it's stuff like this that makes NO sense. If you're going to do the video, DO IT RIGHT. If you're going to show the cold vs standby boots, SHOW BOTH. It's scientific method as I learned it in freaking 5th grade.

Lysander911705d ago

You might want to go back to the 5th grade because that has nothing to do with the scientific method.

wcas1705d ago

Just tested my PS4 from cold start to fully booted around 10 seconds. Really fast in my opinion. Definitely not 29

Kemistri1705d ago

This is a terrible reflection of how to time a full startup from cold boot to game launch...

The guy has to manually navigate around on both the ps4 and the xbox one to find the game to launch once the systems are on, adding about 5 more seconds to the whole ordeal.

Regardless both systems don't take very long, and I don't see why anyone would complain about these results... even with the excess time added by this guys own fumbling around.

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WorldGamer1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Strange that they wouldn't start the PS4 from standby too. I definitely experience a faster boot up. Strange comparison really.

And it's just a link to a raw video. What is this?

sticknstone1705d ago

credit URL to SpawnFirst covering the video's posting

Neonridr1705d ago

PS4 from standby is only a few seconds no?

I'm surprised it takes almost as long for the XB1 to startup from standby as it does the PS4 from a cold boot.

Stick891705d ago

Where is the video of the PS4 coming out of a Standby "Quick" startup?

1705d ago
Neonridr1705d ago

It was too quick to record I guess, lol.

BX811705d ago

Maybe because it's quick? Maybe they wanted to show cold start up the ps4 is fast and the Xbox one takes double that amount of time but not to worry because in stand by it'll load faster. Idk just a thought. Still good time for both systems considering what they're loading.

cyhm31121705d ago

I don't know why people doing this, this will ruin gaming. Just let xbone die.

TRD4L1fe1705d ago

Uh you stupid or something? if the XB1 dies then sony has no competition THEN gaming will die

GordonKnight1705d ago

Not True Nintendo will also be around.

MysticStrummer1705d ago

Console gaming went on quite successfully for decades without Sony or MS in the picture. If one of them bows out, someone else will step in.

ThatCanadianGuy5141705d ago

Nope.Someone else will step in and take their place.Literally any other company would be better then MS at this point.

BX811705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

@ Gordon.... Please tell me you really don't think the balance would remain with MS/Sony vs Nintendo. The gaming industry would not be where it's at today if all 3 weren't here. Sure someone else would step in but none of them can do what's been done so far or else they would be doing it as well.

SecondSon1705d ago

All I know is that MS helped drive the PS3 forward last gen with every software update and for that I am glad they are in the gaming industry.

Let them be just don't support them when they try to pull tricks on their consumers and they will have to do things our way... just like with their DRM 180!

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Max-Zorin1705d ago

I bet you threw a BBQ when the Dreamcast went out of commission.

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