PlayStation Plus influences Microsoft's Games with Gold for Xbox One

"Microsoft, like its two competitors, finally realized that giving back to loyal subscribers is not such a bad idea, and is now following in the footsteps of its competitors by enhancing Xbox Live Gold for the Xbox One with added benefits similar to Sony’s PlayStation Plus program and Nintendo’s Reward System." - Tamika REDinFamy Moultrie

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Corpser1764d ago

Competition is good for everyone

Redinfamy1764d ago

Yes it is I would never beg to disagree, it forces companies to always think more or better than their competitor. I was waiting on MS to do this years ago. They had the set up there.

xSHADOWx1764d ago

Copy copy copy!
This makes me sick.

Deal with it, you're going down Micro$oft.

Please get your own feature set, and stop playing catch-up.

WeAreLegion1764d ago

I'm gonna need you to calm down there, chief.

Wikkid6661764d ago

Xbox Live copies one thing from PSN+...
PSN copies everything else from Xbox Live...

Wikkid6661763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )


Console that comes with network adapter
Match making
In game voice chat
Cross game chat
Friends list
text/voice messaging
Game marketplace
Pay to play gaming model
And I'm sure many more things.... so etc etc

TheSaint1762d ago

The 360 never had a network adapter that was a payable extra, unlike PS3.

Matchmaking has been around since the dawn of onine gaming, so not MS.

In game voice chat has been around since the dawn of online gaming, so not MS.

Cross game - fair enough.

Friends list isn't a MS or Sony invention.

Text and voice messaging was introduced with phones, so not MS.

Game marketplace was steam.

Pay to play isn't something to be proud of inventing.

TheSaint1761d ago

You can throw in a random disagree all you like, you know I'm right.

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jgrigs091764d ago

Someone is angry! Microsoft is not going down :).

falviousuk1764d ago

They let 4 year olds comment on here ?

Redinfamy1764d ago

I mean all the companies copy each other all the time. At least us gamers and consumers can get what we want out of all of them. But when innovation comes about we just have to support it, which doesn't happen a lot, thus the copying flourishes.

Nocando1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Wow, I would venture to say that PS3 and 4 would barely have half of their features if not for MS.

1764d ago
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ziggurcat1764d ago

did they make it permanent, and not just leading up to the release of the xbone?

and if they're going to compete with PS+, they *really* gotta give out games that are a little newer than 5 - 7 years...

ziggurcat1764d ago

that's cool. i'm excited to see what they'll have in store for gold members.

Wikkid6661764d ago

Best part is they can't give us old games on One.

falviousuk1764d ago

The promotion is apparenly coming to xbox one as well sometime next year.

corvusmd1764d ago

Nice, but technically MS announced this idea first. Also keep in mind that XBl is actually investing more on actually upgrading their network service where as PSN has made no such upgrades yet

xSHADOWx1764d ago

How on earth can you say that?
Very ignorant.

Man_Son1764d ago

Yes the PSN is still terrible. I have a PS4 & it took a whole day for me to get online

falviousuk1764d ago

Probably due to the sheer amount of people trying to jump online at the same time. BUt yes PSN has always lagged behind Live

captain_slow821764d ago

party chat
streaming via ustream/twitch
play while downloading

im sure ive missed more upgrades (not got my ps4 yet :( 29th :D)

upcoming take control of friends games via streaming and then theres gaikai all of witch are network based.

so have they upgraded there network? i think we can both agree they have lol

ps+ is an awesome service how they can offers all the great games and all the upgrades to the network for the little they charge is beyond me :D

Redinfamy1764d ago

When did they announce this idea first ? Also PS+ was around before needed the money to upgrade servers. Club Nintendo on the other hand has a reward system without any of what MS or Sony has for up keeping.

MasterCornholio1764d ago

"Nice, but technically MS announced this idea first."

Nope Sony did.

PlayStation plus announcement E3 2010:

"Also keep in mind that XBl is actually investing more on actually upgrading their network service where as PSN has made no such upgrades yet"


"Recently, Sony explained the PlayStation Plus requirement for PS4 online multiplayer, saying it has ploughed a lot of resources into the online service to make it more valuable to gamers.

“The main pillar for the PS4 will be online play,” said Yoshida. “We’re developing many new ways to play and connect which requires a large investment of resources.”
Read more at http://www.trustedreviews.c...

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TrueJerseyDevil1764d ago

To bad the games Microsoft gives you are complete trash so far, and i highly doubt they will get any better

H0RSE1764d ago

In hindsight, I see the games for gold feature better than PS+, and here's why:

PS+ may give players access to newer AAA titles to play, but it is essentially a rental service, like Gamefly. You can play them all you want, as long as you subscribe. Once you stop paying, you stop playing.

Game for Gold may offer older or lesser known titles, but they are yours to keep, regardless if you cancel your Gold subscription afterwards or not. The newest game I got from them, "Iron Brigade," was actually a game I was thinking of buying - now I don't have to, and the game is really fun.

Redinfamy1764d ago

I see where you are coming from and you make a good point. Then I hope for Xbox One they have it that the games are newer. As far as Sony i see why in the beginning they have it as a "rental" type of infrastructure. It was so it would not be abused at such a low price. Now since PS+ is needed it subliminally the rental feel is their but instead of a want, the service is now a need with perks.

captain_slow821764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

in hindsight do any of us gamers plan on dropping ps+ or xbl memberships anytime soon?

on xbox everything becomes useless without xbl gold (bar playing single player) on ps4 2 things become useless multiplayer and AAA titles that come with ps+

bottom line is we are all going to keep are memberships up so in my eyes ps+ offers way better value for money.

H0RSE1764d ago

But we are not talking about the services as a whole - the discussion and the article, is about the free games aspect. Although you bring up valid points, you are trying to shift the argument to your favor.

Hicken1764d ago

It's hardly anything to brag about when the games they give you are like $5.

Besides, what rental service allows you essentially unlimited simultaneous rentals as long as you subscribe?

Frankly, I'd rather have the "rental" of a dozen $50-60 games for as long as I'm part of the service- and, really, why wouldn't I be?- over a dozen $5-10 games that I've probably already played years ago, but get to keep.

Brix901763d ago

I guess Netflix, YouTube and other apps on Live are rental services from Xbox considering you can't use them without XBL.

Didn't like any of the game personally that they gave for Gold.

TrueJerseyDevil1763d ago

you need PS+ to play online for most games so why would you want to cancel your membership?

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JohnnyTower1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

I actually didn't mind dead rising 2 or assassins creed 2 for free. They had a halo in there somewhere as well for free.

H0RSE1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )


You are using the cost and/or the age of the games to justify the quality of them? Really?...

You are also using your personal experience to form your opinion of the service overall. The fact that you "probably" already played the games offered by the GFG program, doesn't mean everyone else has. There are several games I have gotten that I haven't played yet, Rainbow Six Vegas and AC2 being two of them.

"Besides, what rental service allows you essentially unlimited simultaneous rentals as long as you subscribe?"

- Sorry. It's not like Gamefly, it's like a glorified Gamefly...that being said, Gamefly offers Unlimited PC Play for subscribers, allowing them to download and play PC games for free.

Hicken1764d ago

No, not the quality of them, but the value of the service, purely based on the games and their worth at the time they're "given" to you. The games gifted to you on Plus are generally valued at 4 times that of the games you're given through GWG.

The games they're choosing are, generally, rather popular games, or at least from popular franchises. Meaning the odds of someone having played them years before they got to GWG are considerably higher, than obscure titles. And the obscure titles they do give away cost pennies on the dollar.

Gamefly doesn't offer unlimited simultaneous rentals for consoles, does it? And that's what we're talking about, aren't we? GWG on Xbox versus Plus on PS. So why would you compare the PC aspect of Gamefly?

(As a sidenote, it seems to happen frequently that when Xbox fans runs out of points they failed to make in a console versus console debate, they resort to bringing in PC. I don't know why you all think it's relevant, but it is not, and never will be. Because, you know, CONSOLE DEBATE.)

H0RSE1763d ago

I don't see why you continue to debate this topic, as if you can win. It is an unwinnable and unloseable debate - it based around preference. No amount of sarcasm or clever debating tactics, can factual prove one service is better than other.

Perhaps during in your holier than thou mindset, when you were more concentrating on treating this argument like a contest and belittling xbox fans, you could've realized this. I gave my points as to why I find on service better than the other, and you gave yours. We obviously aren't going to see eye to eye, so we should just agree to disagree. Although I can see the merit in points, nothing you or anyone else says will convince me that PS+ is the better service, at least when speaking from the free games aspect.

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