Huffington Post: Xbox One Review: Microsoft's Mission To Take Over Your Living Room Is Here

After an eight-year run and 80 million units sold, the sun has officially set on the Xbox 360. Waiting in the wings is the new Xbox One, the third console from Microsoft.

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Gridloc1699d ago

"Verbile commands works about 80 percent of the time, and less while playing a game." Think. I'll wait till they iron the kinks out." IGN had similar problems with voice commands too...

pyramidshead1699d ago

It was never going to be like it was advertised.

Kingthrash3601699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

yeah i just seen it...imo it worked like 60 percent of the time. i got tired of hearing him repeat commands..he even got tired of it. much easier to just use controller.

jgrigs091699d ago

I don't think the voice commands will ever be 100% accurate.

Pintheshadows1699d ago

Not for a while anyway. For all the fuss over Kinect 2.0 and everything it can do, it will still be limited by where we are from a technological standpoint. That is why i'm not a fan of motion control of any kind. It always feels forced and inorganic when put into the gaming environment.

OrangePowerz1699d ago

If you build your whole OS around voice control that`s a bit problematic, because using the controller to navigate the Xbox one is very unpractical.

Dewitt1699d ago

Actually, using the controller to navigate around is very quick and easy. Tap the guide button to go home, tap it twice to switch between snap modes. With how fast it runs the menu I see no problems using it this way until MS fixes some dialect issues.

OrangePowerz1699d ago

Wait until you use it before you judge. Kotaku as example had a very different view "It's also possible to do everything the Kinect does with just the controller, but it's a more arduous process."

MysticStrummer1699d ago

"It's also possible to do everything the Kinect does with just the controller, but it's a more arduous process."

Yeah I've seen something like this said more than once, but the word "arduous" seems a bit extreme. It reminds me of Tony Stark in The Avengers saying that it must be "exhausting" for Fury to physically turn and look at his various monitors.

pompombrum1699d ago

So much for kinect being an integral part of the Xbox One experience then.

Anon19741699d ago

Could you imagine if they reviewed games like this? "A lot of the features don't work properly but they'll iron them out eventually. 8/10!"

How about you review the hardware for what it can does now, not what the experience could potentially be a few updates down the road. What if they don't iron out all the kinks? If the situation changes, update your review...don't sit there and tell us you're giving it marks for what it could be. When I was in school, I don't ever remember being given extra marks for my potential.

Gridloc1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Disagrees abound by the Xbox apologists...
EDIT : Btw voice recognition (as little as there is) on PS4 is almost flawless and doesn't require a camera, just any headset that will plug into the bottom of the DS4...

Gridloc1699d ago

Wow 4 disagrees for pointing out the facts....

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Stick891699d ago

Voice commands are just one of those things that, in theory sound awesome, but in practice are just far less practical than using normal hands on interfaces.

(This goes for both consoles, smart TV's, etc...)

VTKC1699d ago

someone should try speaking Chinese to it. probably work first time since that's where its made

BattleTorn1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

I think PS fans sometimes forget how easily Xbox is going to win the common livingroom.

They have a much better pitch. (with all the TV yadda yadda)

PS4 is better for games.

But the thing is with the "war for the living room" - most living rooms don't revolve around games, and many don't even contain gamers.

BattleTorn1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Think about the common holiday shopping parent asking a salesman.

Who goes into the retails saying "I want to get my kid the new gaming system that plays //3rd-party-game//"

Salesman: "well, we have two systems to choose from"

Parent: "What's the difference"

Salesman: "Well, this one plays the games better, the other one has more TV features"

Parent: "So Xbox One does more than just games."

Salesmen: "Well, kind of. But PS4 runs games better, at higher resolutions"

Parent: "But they run the same games, right?"

Salesmen: "Well, yes.. (for the most part)"

Parent: "Ok. Xbox One is it - it does more"

And then add on the fact that most of these clueless parents probably already think "my kid plays too many games" to boot

Popoffboy1877181699d ago

Yeah right !!! Parent goes buy a kid a console and there going say I'm saving the extra hundred dollars!!! Your a idiot , have fun with that kinect.

MysticStrummer1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

The parent will buy the console the kid asked for, unless the parent is also a gamer.

"I think PS fans sometimes forget how easily Xbox is going to win the common living room."

I think MS fans sometimes get carried away with MS marketing.

Hicken1699d ago

And in most living rooms, it'll be hard to justify a $500 box that does things that can be done better by TVs and cable boxes. When it comes to gamers, it'll be harder to sell on the strength of the console itself and continued game support(historically speaking, anyway).

With the parents, they'll get what their child asks for. What kind of parent gets you an Xbox when you want a PlayStation, or vice versa? And if they're surprising the kid, who hasn't figured out which one they want, they'll likely go with the cheaper console that doesn't necessarily require an online fee and will have plenty of free games to play.

I'm sorry, but there's no version of this where the Xbox has an advantage. Unless you count in the mind of Microsoft fans.

BattleTorn1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

There is. It has an advantage in the casual market.

I'm not trying to rain on the PS4 parade here.

I've had to evaluate what matter most to me, and that has had me switch to PS4 because gaming matters most to me, and 1080p matters a lot.

But the sad reality is that these things don't matter to the majority, and especially the casual market.

Sony has gone after the gamers - which won me over. But you can't deny that MS is going to be much more successful with the far broader audiences.

Gamers hate to hear this, but it's the truth. We're not the single most important thing in term of livingroom console's launch success anymore.

Hicken1699d ago

It loses the casual advantage due to the price. People may hear what the XB1 can do and think it's great. But as I said, nearly everything it can do can be done by things you already own. And casuals aren't gonna want to spend the extra $100 if they can get a similar experience out of the PS4.

And this is all assuming the casual even make an impact this generation like they did last time around. There's no guarantee they'll even show up in force with this gen. If they do, I can see them going for "cheap but similar" with the PS4, or cheaping out altogether and getting a Wii U.

Not to mention: Microsoft doesn't have the marketing blitz turned up to 11, so it's highly possible that more casuals will follow the core this time around; and the core seems to be leaning more toward the PS4 than XB1.

mochachino1699d ago

Except the average casual gamer can't use the multimedia functions without first paying $60 a year.

Unless you have a major gaming interest in xone which justifies Lives fee, know one will pay $60 to primarily use Netflix and Internet Explorer.

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