Xbox One Review: Brilliant Machine, But Is It Better Than PS4? | First Post

Both the Xbox One and the PS4 are state-of-the-art game machines, and for some, the difference will come down to price. At $500, the Xbox One costs $100 more.

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christocolus1701d ago

Great gen is going to be awesome.

darthv721701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

The "is it better than a ps4" part seems a bit odd. personally i dont compare consoles because i know there are games and experiences unique to each other. the console is just the means to deliver those. its the games themselves that are really the focus.

From that POV....launch games are no inclination as to the quality of games released later. Generally speaking, games continue to evolve on the platform and exceed the launch titles by a significant margin as they get developed/released.

There is no rule of thumb that x platform has to be better than y platform. What is the rule of thumb is that x platform must be better than the previous platform from the same company. That has been the norm since the atari days. Each successor system from the same company is out to continue the legacy set forth by the previous effort.

That doesnt always happen but for the most part they at least try to be equal to or great than the former.

Maddens Raiders1701d ago

Is stronger better than weaker?

Reminds me of this...

PharaohX1700d ago

Excellent Post. Well stated and very mature. Not sure why you received any disagrees... Nah I know why. You didn't declare a winner over the other... It has to be war and one declared supreme over the other.

hqgamez1701d ago

Xbox One Takes 1 Minute and 8 Seconds from a cold boot tested by Eurogamer. What the hell did Major Nelson lied to his instagram followers? That is freaking Sad.

darthv721701d ago

Are you confusing cold boot (completely off) to that of warm boot (standby)?

Mystogan1701d ago

It was a warm booth (standby) in the Major Nelson video..

He pointed that out clearly..

Deividas1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

He pointed it out in the 20 second video when his only words are..."Xbox On"....? How is that clearly pointing it out?

He led people to believe what they wanted instead of coming right out and saying it and of course all the Xbox Fans instantly thought Cold boot why the headlines on all gaming sites went with "Xbox One Cold Boot Is fast!" MS is very misleading, people should know this by now.

SixZeroFour1701d ago

@hqgamez - oh em gee...thats around 40 or so seconds longer than i not getting an xbone for sure, what a dealbreaker

UnHoly_One1700d ago

That's clearly pointing it out because unless you are an idiot you would know it couldn't be 100% powered down and still hear him say "Xbox On".

coopman3001700d ago

Obviously if he just said xbox on and it came on it is in low power mode, doesn't take a genius to figure that out. He would have already had to put his voice id on the console before the video was made.

PharaohX1700d ago

Cry me a river. Do you know the difference between cold boot and standby or warm boot??

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ATiElite1701d ago

I like the Snap feature on the XB1. I think that Gaming and video chatting through skype will be really cool while playing with your Gaming Buddy!

I currently do this on my PC (more Windows and on another monitor)) and it's neat being able to see the other 3 players on my team in Amra III while we play.

Controlling XB1 through Kinect looks cool. just fling ur arms around to get to TV Music movies is nice along with voice command.

XB1 will have the same multiplats the PC PS4 will have and XB1 will have it's OWN Exclusives.

only concern is the 720p gameplay!

The XB1 Low Level DX11 is GREAT as a few times I've seen more detail in BF4 XB1 than on BF4 PC BUT the 720p doesn't do it justice.

XB1 needs Native 1080p Gaming

(Upscaling is just so YOUR TV can run the proper 1080p signal, the Video is still 720p so DO NOT be fooled by UPSCALING)

SniperControl1701d ago

"The XB1 Low Level DX11 is GREAT as a few times I've seen more detail in BF4 XB1 than on BF4 PC BUT the 720p doesn't do it justice."

Errm what??

Your having a laugh ain't ya?

christocolus1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )


Dont worry bro...xbx one will have its own share of 1080p games..and as soon as devs get used to the hardware you will see more..infact its already happening with most games announced recently.not that it bothers me and it shouldnt bother you..dice , infinity ward and a number of devs have stated the resolution difference dont really matter..dice and iw have also stated that in certain cases it was difficult for gamers to tell the ps4 and xbx games even when they were running side by side ..that aside i really dont care..look at ryse or dr3 or forza...and youll see the resolutions dont really matter...for example would halo5 , titanfall or even mgs5 sell any less if they were 720p? I guess not...but if it bothers you so much you could wait to see how things go before making a purchase or get a ps4 now...any would do..i have no issues with peoples choices.

frostypants1701d ago

Horrible doesn't even TRY to answer the question it poses in its click-whoring title.

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Philoctetes1701d ago

In fairness, it really is a better media hub than the PS4. Obviously the PS4 is the better gaming device though.

CEOSteveBallmer1701d ago

Xbone better media hub - yes, PS4 better gaming device - yes, Xbone better than PS4 - "NO"

Soldierone1701d ago

Will that change once Sony patches in media streaming again?

asmith23061701d ago

Therefore, as a games console, PS4 is better.

classic191701d ago

i agree, but i don't really watch movies on my console unless i have a fiscal disc. ps4 better for gaming.

Kujii1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Also depends where you live. Outside of the US it lacks in the TV department

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SmielmaN1701d ago

There's lots of media available on PSN. Enough for me anyways. I have zero interest in xb1. I would like to play dead rising 3 after it's timed exclusivity is up tho. That's really all that interests me from their side. Destiny is the new halo, titanfall will be another multiplayer shooter game but with robots (I enjoy shooters but if it's only on xb1 then I gave many many others to play instead). The rest is useless to me.

Xb1 $500
Charge kit $25
Gold subsc. $50 ( or is it still $60 in certain places?)
Game $60
You start with 1 game for $635 plus tax

PS4 $400
PS + $50 (with 2 free games resogun and contrast)
Game $60
You start with 3 games for $510 plus tax.

itBourne1700d ago

Not just that but the free games keep coming lol. OMG, I jst got like 12 games today. Gonna play some ICO and Shadow of the Colluses again, also never played strangers wrath, love the Oddworld games. Even put games in my history for the Vita, if I ever get a Vita I will already have a plethora of games for the damn thing. PS+ is seriously insane. If I was not such a hardcore gamer I cld literally never buy a game again lol. The instant games collection for it is mind boggling.

ftrain1700d ago

Reviewers need to give more credit towards PS+. I see so many reviewers not talking about it at all.

Oner1700d ago

Don't forget the additional free-to-play games as well.

PharaohX1700d ago

That is YOUR opinion. Just like others will disagree. Its not which is better that's only flame bait. Its which one provides the best value? Which one fits into your life? Which one has games you want to play at launch? Which one has feature you like or desire? Which one has exclusives your looking forward to. Why does there have to be one Winner? Stupid gaming wars. The Industry actually has enough room for 3 or 4 consoles and that means better competition. Trust me its not about a console war as they make it to be. Its Gaming in general. 4 Hitters can survive, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony and PC.. and in other terms Handhelds.

Software_Lover1701d ago

......... With it being a game console, better is subjective.

If you want to play God of War, then it isn't even better than the ps3. If you want to play Mario, then you will think it sucks compared to the Wii-U. It has some great features, beyond gaming, that I am interested in but to say it's "better" or "Not better" is subjective.

Of course, so is everything.

MacTastic1701d ago

Good review, simple and to the point. I don't get the title but whatever. Xbox one is sounding good, I would get annoyed at Kinect however if I had to repeat myself during a game or any other time for that matter. Hope the Machine turns out to do really good.

True_Samurai1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

I'm too pumped for x1! hurry up Friday! and yes it is

ma1asiah1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

According so some gaming journalist who have reviewed both consoles well it seems they would agree with you even though the edge is ever so slightly in favor of the X1

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