Xbox One controller vs. the PS4 controller

We already put the PS4's controller through its paces. Next up: The Xbox One's controller. Is it better than the Xbox 360? More importantly, how does it fare against the DualShock 4? We cover all your burning questions.

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GarrusVakarian1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

The 360 controller is my favourite controller of all time (gamecube 2nd). They seemed to have changed it with the X1 which im a little sceptical about. Meanwhile the DS4 is pretty much the playstation controller i always wished for....longer/bigger handles, wider sticks, stiffer sticks, better triggers.

Im sure i will love both controllers, i just hope the X1 controller is still as comfortable as the 360's was/is.

dedicatedtogamers1847d ago

After the Dualshock 4 was revealed, a lot of people had the realization that it wasn't the symmetrical sticks that was the problem (sooo many silly asymmetrical vs symmetrical articles over the last few years)

People realized the sloppy sticks, not the position of the sticks, are what they didn't like about the DUalshock 3.

GarrusVakarian1847d ago

Indeed, they are way too loose on the DS3, i could never keep my crosshair on someone because it was just too loose, whereas on the 360 i was very good at CoD and BC2 because the sticks were much tighter.

I have no problem whatsoever with the symmetrical sticks, don't even notice it when im playing.

mochachino1847d ago

The only advantage the reviewer gave to the xone controllerwas the positioning of the sticks, he preferred the triggers and shoulder buttons on DS4.

The author claims the xone positioning would produce greater accuracy but I'd have to test out personally to confirm. Although, the reviewers logic seems flawed given that aiming is done with the right stick which is on the "lower" position on both controllers.

For me, I place priority on the feel and accuracy of the triggers which DS4 won in this reviewers opinion.

Still, I really like the look of the xone's analogs grips and the increased concave. None of my friends are getting xone (all PS4) so it may be a while before I get a chance to do my own comparison.

ShinMaster1846d ago

People argue about the wrong analog stick.

It's not the left analog stick that's important. It's the right one.
A mouse is best for aiming. The stick you use to aim is the right one. So that is the stick that should be placed above, not the left one.
So in that regard, the Xbox controller is no better than the PlayStation controller.

mikeslemonade1846d ago

Well like the original commentator I did like the 360 controller the most until the DS4.

Prime1571846d ago

Well said, sir!

The ds3 sticks were designed for reaching games (gt5). Those sticks are considered less stressful for that style of game.

Stressful, lol.

itBourne1846d ago

Sort of seemed like he wanted to say the ds4 was better, but he may get in trouble saying that at polygon lol.

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cell9891846d ago

You lost me when you said the game cube was second lol no way

itBourne1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Right, worst controller design ever. WTF, did they have a 5 year old paint a picture of a controller and say lets go with that. None of the buttons are the same size, what in the hell is that right c-pad/joystick cluster fuck. Why the hell is their 3 total shoulder buttons. Hmm maybe next controller they can have an r1, r2, r3, and just an l1, lol I could rant for hours on how bad that thing was. Possibly worse then the 64, only reason I used that shit is because I was a kid and didnt know any better.

kingxtreme811847d ago

Xbox One Controller vs Dual Shock 4.

Winner: gamers

As a PS4 owner I can happily say that, IMO, the DS4 is incredible and, while I won't have my XBO until Friday, I have felt the XBO pad and it, too, is, IMO, incredible.

Two amazing input devices right here, folks.

Omegasyde1846d ago

You sound like a politician. Are you running for mayor of N4g?

Lionsguard1846d ago

Everything else aside, the one feature I absolutely love about the DS4 is that I can plug in headphones straight to it. Made my jaw drop when I figured out I could do that.

Omegasyde1846d ago

You can do this on the Xbox one controller too. It's in the same spot too.

colonel1791846d ago

Can you get all audio from the game (not just the chat) on the headphones in the Xbox?

When Sony announced that you can do it on the PS4 I thought it was a great little detail, but I thought that Xbox might have been doing that for years, but since I've never owned a 360, I have never tried it.

cell9891846d ago

The dualshock has no matched the level of fidelity for FPS as the civic controller, except it's still better at fighters, I give the edge to the Dualshock. Not to mention it's rechargeable and has the touch pad as an added bonus

colonel1791846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

I cringe every single time they focus the usability of the controller on FPS. Like if FPS is the only genre in the world. They should judge the controller based on several genres, not only FPS.

IMO, DualShock 4 is much better for many different genres, while the Xbox controller is much more focused on FPS. It is not surprising though, since the PlayStation was created in an era where platformers were the most successful genre (thanks mostly to Super Mario 64); while the Xbox got its fame from Halo which is a FPS and it became the favorite genre for Xbox users.

However, Sony has the advantage I think, because different players play different games, and the controller feels more apt for people's different tastes, and it works well enough for most (if not all) of them. The Xbox controller on the other hand, feels restrictive when trying to play other genre that it's not FPS.

Last generation (360/PS3), FPS were the most famous genre thanks to Call of Duty. This generation might not actually be the dominant genre. So far, it seems like the genre to dominate this generation will be open world games. With the success of GTA V, Assassin's Creed, the imminent success of Watch_Dogs, games like inFamous, the other Ubisoft game (forgot name), even The Crew is more open world.

Expect a lot of open world games this generation, so how do the controllers perform with this genre, and other genres as well? That would be a better controller review than saying, "offset sticks are better for FPS", ok but is that the only genre you plan to play?

itBourne1846d ago

Very well put man, agree 100% ^^

Dape1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

The other ubisoft game you mentioned is called The Divison, can't wait for that one, Mgs5,Watch Dogs,Infamous and Dying Light...
I have no problem with the DS3, I play Gta V free aim and I think it's very accurate. It all goes down to personal preference though, one is not better than the other.