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Here's the game we all waited the most on PlayStation Vita. A title for which we have waited for more than a year. Game, which was said to become the system-seller for our handheld for the western markets. We're talking about Tearaway, a game where we have one simple objective - deliver the message to the Creature. Is it a great game od were we too hyped? Is it really a must have? Learn the truth about Tearaway, we will guide you through its world.

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Vitalogy1764d ago

Why would you complain about the "fight system", this game's not about that at all so of course it wasn't expected to see fight combos with high kicks and uppercuts -.- *sigh*

MorfiTM1764d ago

Tearaway is a carefree game, so there was no need for implementing fights in it. Those available in the game are just boring. They consist of doing the same sequence over and over again. The weapon makes it even easier and in conclusion - makes the gameplay even more boring.

Belking1764d ago

look at all the and people say this site isn't

Hicken1762d ago

That's a pretty weak argument. It doesn't actually make any sense. Carefree means no need for fights? Aren't you something of a conflict-solver in the first place?

Sounds like making excuses for your excuses for taking points off.

GdaTyler1764d ago

Brain dead review. Game is much better than what was said, and there were petty complaints.

Mikelarry1764d ago

Nothing to see here just someone reaching for clicks