Top Ten Biggest Disappointments Of The Last Generation

So with the PlayStation 4’s release and the Xbox One following a short distance behind another gaming generation has come to a close. While titles will still be made for the older consoles, much of the attention will be drawn to the next generation. Still, every generation is marked by its failings as much as its successes, but what of the games which fall short of the mark? The ones which promise the world to those who buy them yet prove to be nothing like anything promised to gamers? Here’s a list of the Top Ten Biggest Disappointments which plagued the games industry over the last several years.

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4logpc1700d ago

Other M should be Number 1!

CLOUD19831700d ago

D3 should be at No1 most disappointing game of the last generation for me by far.

1699d ago
placiid1699d ago

I thought brink would be on there that game was hyped up then failed

SolidDuck1699d ago

Agree with every game on that list except for diablo 3. But I never played the first 2 so I thought it was awesome.