Should We Care About Romance Games?

Alex saw a rather interesting lecture on romance in games and the potential of romance-themed games at the Montreal International Game Summit, by Schell Games’ Heidi Macdonald. In it, she discussed the possibilities of “empathic games”, or games driven by emotional, character-based conflicts rather than violence or plot. She praised the Dragon Age series as an example of engaging romance, as well as actual romance-themed games like Silicon Sisters’ Everlove (whose CEO expressed the importance of ‘empathetic games’.

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zerocrossing1732d ago

It depends on the game. I've played plenty that do it well but when romance is just shoehorned in their in order to tick a box, then nope.

MysticStrummer1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Indeed. I feel the same about movies and books. If it's handled well, it can be impactful to pretty much everything about a story. If it's handled badly, there's a good chance it will ruin the whole thing.

raresteak1732d ago

Speaking of Bioware games, Mass Effect is a very good example of romance done right too. (for the most part)

Acquiescence1732d ago

The problem is that very few games do it convincingly, or see it through properly to the end. I mean, look at Enslaved. The relationship between the two leads - though it goes through predictable motions - is well acted and written, but they never seal it with a kiss! It's just left hanging there, like an incomplete plot strand. Same goes for The Last Story.

It's annoying!

Rzep1732d ago

The never seal it with a kiss is incredibly annoying. I find it to be a disease taken from TV. Except that it does not make sense in a game. TV shows are made to last numerous season, that's why we get these stretched will they/won't they awkward storylines filled with character almost becoming a pair just to have some misunderstanding mess everything up...oh god the misunerstanding trope, there aren't many things I hate more than this bs method of prolonging a story.

Rzep1732d ago

Just like in movies, tv shows, anime, books I think that romance in non-romance films/games/etc is important in establishing a character, giving him the space and opportunity for growth and simply put it always adds an extra layer to the character.

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