PlayStation Store update: Tearaway, Stick it to the Man, NFS Rivals, more

First up this week, the papery world awaits in the all-new Tearaway for PS Vita. iota and atoi have a message to deliver and it’s your job to help them out. Use your fingers to poke holes into the world, peel away layers of paper or collect papercraft to spruce things up. The power is in your hands.

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BattleTorn1698d ago

"Be sure to come back next week, where you’ll see all the new content available for PlayStation 4. Don’t miss it!"

Does anyone know of what is coming to the PS4 Store in the future?

I've kinda been under the assumption that it would be a little while (at least a month) before we see any fresh content

ho0lee0h1698d ago

Maybe some indies. I don't know of any big studio projects.