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Deadfall Adventures is the first in a planned series of action titles from publisher Nordic Games and developer The Farm 51. It follows the adventures of James Lee Quatermain, great-grandson of the world-famous adventurer Allan Quatermain. If you don’t know who that is, think Indiana Jones. Like Indy, James traverses the globe pilfering artifacts and dodging Nazi bullets – all while wearing a fedora and a smile. In this particular story, Quatermain is paired with Lara Croft Jennifer Goodwin, an archaeologist and government agent tasked with finding the ancient and powerful Heart of Atlantis before the Germans can claim it for their war machine. Their adventure takes them to exotic locales like the swirling sands of the Egyptian desert, the cold tundra of the Arctic, and the lush greenery of South American jungles as they find treasure, romance, and a whole lot of angry Europeans.

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