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GIZORAMA - Disclaimer: This game is a work in progress. It may suck!”

Final Boss Entertainment felt it necessary to include this message on the title screen for Wrack, an arcade-style shooter for PC. The game is available as an early access title on Steam for $14.99.

Using the disclaimer as a reminder to players is an understandable feature. As a whole, people applaud a bit of self-deprecation—we can infer that Wrack doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it lowers expectations a little.

But self-deprecation can backfire. As a whole, Wrack is a game that lacks confidence. It’s afraid to do anything new. It’s essentially cel-shaded Doom, and it definitely captures the retro feel of the early fast-paced FPS perfectly. However, it doesn’t offer much originality beyond it's eccentric graphics.

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