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IGN - PS4 Final Review

IGN: Like any launch console, the PS4 isn’t perfect. The software is lacking some key functionality, the DualShock 4’s more distinctive features are underutilized, and remote play is still rough around the edges. But in spite of these issues, the PS4 is an exceptionally well-crafted console. It's impressively small and attractive design sets a new bar for the industry, and its powerful hardware offers not only stunning visuals, but higher player counts, constantly connected experiences, and larger, more detailed worlds.

And did I mention how great the DualShock 4 is? It’s pretty amazing. (PS4) 8.2/10

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xHeavYx  +   646d ago | Well said
Pretty much the negative stuff about the PS4 is that its power and features are not fully used, which is a great negative in my opinion.
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Neonridr  +   646d ago
let's call it "constructive criticism" because it's basically telling developers to do more with what they have at their disposal.

The only weakness I can see personally is the launch library isn't anything fantastic if you already own a 360 or PS3. Shadowfall is really the only draw along with some PS+ games.
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xHeavYx  +   646d ago
Resogun is a lot of fun, plus a ton of 3rd party games to keep me busy until Infamous
Seraphemz  +   646d ago
Since when did the consoles ONLY play exclusives.

Battlefield 4 is freaking amazing !!!!
ZBlacktt  +   646d ago
To each their own sure. But I have yet to even open another game since starting AC4 on the PS4. It's really that damn good. Just like the scores it's been getting. The game is all very long as well. So all kinds of win win.
Livecustoms  +   646d ago
But why should the console get a lower score becuase devs havent got enough out of it at launch lol
black0o  +   646d ago
Sony is playing dirty they saw that they had unexpected momentum with the ps4 -which result in 1M in 24 hours- so they saved the 1st-party IPs for later

MS helped sony a lot with the ps4 launch, sony didn't even feel the need to push Driveclub into the launch MS showed their top GUNs at E3 -Halo..etc- while sony put all the load on 3rd-parties to send a clear message which says Ps4 has the best 3rd-party support/ports since all Ps3 user and x360 know for fact that sony has the best 1st and 2nd party in the industry and the most 3rd-party titles run better on x360 then ps3

bottom line is launch exclusive titles are there to help moving consoles but if ur console already doing well save ur titles for slow season
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   645d ago

I think some people ignoring some games on this statements about launch library quality is not so much about exclusives as it is about said games being cross-generation.

It wouldn't matter if the game was on Xbox One, and PS4 for example, but Battlefield and AC4 (also I believe Watch Dogs and MGS V) are hitting PS3 and Xbox 360 as well, so it's not something you really need a next gen console to experience (even through the experience itself may somewhat differ, it's still basically the same game), hence it's not of great effect on launch library (the stuff that's supposed to help companies sell you the console early on along with new tech, features, etc).
Neonridr  +   645d ago
@bishop-br - that's exactly what I meant in my statement. Glad you were paying attention ;)

Obviously these new systems can play CoD, AC4, BF4, etc. And those experiences will probably be for the most part better on these newer machines. But the differences aren't always significant between the previous and next gen versions, hence you can still have a great experience on the PS3 or 360 without the need of a $400-$500 upgrade.
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   645d ago
an 8.2... -_- the best console ever created to dat gets an 8.2. it should be at least 9.0.
IaMs12  +   645d ago
I agree that the launch line up for me was a little lack luster. Since i mainly play PC so far i can play everything i want along with my PS3. Going to wait a little longer for some more games to come out to help entice me to get a PS4.
Hozi  +   645d ago
In all of history of the consoles...I've seen people hate on the launch titles, but in all honesty SONY has some of the strongest launch titles to ever hit their consoles.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   645d ago
"The other unfortunate side effect of PSN outages or connection issues is the inability to access content purchased digitally. Without a connection to verify your license for a game at system boot-up, the app or game becomes locked — even if it’s an offline single-player game. Disc-based games, on the other hand, can be played at any time, so those considering going all-digital should weigh that into their decision."

What a glaring issue that will no doubt be swept under the rug. Whenever I buy a Ps4 I won't be buying games digitally that's for sure. That sucks.
RedSoakedSponge  +   645d ago
well if people were smart about their game buying before the ps4 launched, they would have held out on games like AC4 and NFS:R until the ps4 version so they have more games to play on it!
Ranma1  +   646d ago
Respectablee score
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hqgamez  +   646d ago
I wonder what Xbox one will get. it takes the Xbox One 1 Minute and 8 Seconds from a cold boot.
DragonKnight  +   645d ago
Xbox One will get an 8.8
Stevino123  +   645d ago
"Xbox One will get an 8.8"

xActionBasturdx  +   645d ago
@stevino thanks for the link...that was a pretty thorough review
Mithan  +   646d ago
Launch Library sucks ass and system doesn't do anything really but games.

Basically, its a useless system ATM.

Give it a year or so, it will start to rock. Same with the Xbox One.

The 360 and PS3 were basically crap at release too (except for the Blu-Ray drive). It took them a couple years to get going.
DragonKnight  +   645d ago
Oh no, a gaming console that *gasp* focuses on games?! What is this world coming to? Everyone knows that gaming consoles are supposed to cook you breakfast in bed and do your taxes for you too.

PS4 SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!
princejb134  +   645d ago
thats a opinion buddy
I'm currently been shuffling between killzone, ac4, resign, and battlefield 4 and i love them
these will hold me out until infamous come
Valkyre  +   645d ago
yeah but back then when the PS3 was released everyone was angry that it was way too expensive and that it had a ton of features XBOTS "didnt give a shit about", like you know... blu ray... or media server... or 3rd party OS support... or a browser... you know...

multimedia shit and such...

but hey... back then all xbots where "hardcore gamers YO!!"

Hypocrisy much?

So yeah enjoy watching tv.. its the only thing you will be doing at 1080p in that totally futuristic machine...

Meanwhile ps4 camp is enjoying complete 1080p gaming and 50% more hardware power. Clearly the future of a gaming console is xbox...

jesus... lol
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DARK WITNESS  +   645d ago
to each his own....

i don't know about you, but i am not spending £300 for anything other then next gen games.

The games available could be better (the exclusive ones) but out of all the next gen games so far, including the xb1 exclusives, bf4 is the one i am most looking forward to and the game I know i will keep playing till the big next gen hitters come next year.

if the ps4 can play that, which it can.. then that is all i need it to do.

both next gen systems are missing stuff that will be added later so really what is the fuss.
b777conehead  +   645d ago
I'm enjoying my PS4 playing games that's what I bought it for
turgore  +   645d ago
The power and features of a console are never fully used at launch. Does it suck ? Yes. But it affects any piece of hardware.
JoGam  +   645d ago
Wow.... Thats a reall good point.
showtimefolks  +   645d ago
if gaming sites really do want to review consoles than review them 6 months after release. Reviewing systems which are missing features which both will get Via patches/updates
Godmars290  +   645d ago
"the PS4's power and features are not fully used, which is a great negative in my opinion."


You, do realize that this is only it launch period. That logically it shouldn't be getting utilized to 100% of its potential right now.
xtremeimport  +   645d ago
"Final" review is kinda hard to say, since we're not even a week in and the system is going to improve on a lot of the negatives pointed at.

I understand the intention, but just dont really think of this as the "final" opinion of the system. Unlike games(they usually get fixed over a single year)the system will be around a lot longer continuously improving, adding/removing new features.

I'd give it an 8.5-9 right now.
Does pretty much everything that I want from a gaming console. My only complaints are little nit picks that im sure dont apply to everyone who uses it.
ZombieKiller  +   645d ago
Anyone giving out or taking away points for a launch line-up....thats not fair at all.

I was looking for a review just on the console and the potential of what it CAN become due to what features it has now.

I think this console deserves NOTHING LESS than a 9.5....I can see the potential of what it will be for me when all my real friends get one. I'll never leave my living room (as if I do now or something lol)
Phene  +   645d ago
@bishop @neon

I totally get what ur saying ..the experience can be had on current gen so is relevant to the argument ...I say hell yeh, I don't know about you but last time I checked a lot if people were clamoring about graphics ..and even iterations of games matter when they look mind blowing. And on a side note, people complaining about stale the same when it comes to shooters ...u don't constantly reinvent something because u can. Sports never change, the players do ...same concept ...cod tried to always be different and now it just sucks
OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   645d ago
@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3

I'm not sure how true that is but my console is currently disconnected from the internet and Resogun/Contrast boot up fine, only network related things are disabled obviously, the F2P games like blacklight/warframe also boot up but you cannot play them as they are online only games.
Majin-vegeta  +   646d ago
PS3 was barebones when it released.Now look at it.Now imgaine the PS4 by the end of it's lifecycle??Mother of god help us all.
-Foxtrot  +   646d ago
They really should of took that into account when they reviewed this.

I mean the main criticism as xHeavYx has pointed out above is that its power and features are not fully used by developers...but knowing Sony's track record with first party devs this will obviously end up turning around in a year or two.

Hell it's just launched, can you really expect any console to use all of it's power and features.

Watch IGN give the Xbox One an 8.5 despite the PS4 in most cases being proven to be more powerful, they'll talk about the entertainment features yet Sony have said some multimedia features the Xbox One has will be coming to the PS4 later on once they've worked on the gaming side of things...since you know it's a GAMING console
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raptar   646d ago | Spam
-Foxtrot  +   646d ago
"And, that's why it should be judged on GAMES, not power. If the X1's GAMES are perceived to be better at launch2

So by your logic games = a better console....even though the console could be less powerful, could be something wrong with it or offers more features at launch

Sorry but LAUNCH games doesn't make a console better....it's about whats in it that counts aswell.

Games come and go, what's inside is there until the end
raptar   646d ago | Spam
Conzul  +   645d ago
Ehhh....In a world where games get reviewed individually, there's no point in judging a console by its games.

For what the PS4 system ITSELF offers, this seems like a just appraisal....great streaming and sharing options, fast multitasking, etc. but no local media support, asthetically pleasing, good peripherals (I got all of them), DLNA missing.

Score's fine.
dmeador  +   645d ago
@raptar It took me reading down this long to find a comment that sounded logical. Sony fans are acting like they should have consulted the stars to rate games/features in the future. They even did some what, you can tell it got credit for its potential.

Was a pretty good review, and reassured me that I should wait to pick up a PS4. Isn't anything that entices me at all right now other than maybe killzone. A few needed improvements, but I still dont like the UI. I can't think of one way to complete the sentence: "PS4 is amazing because you can...."

And everyone can talk about how powerful it is, but until it has that one killer game, I'll be holding off. Go ahead and click the mouse, because you are already hovering over "disagree"
Wizziokid  +   646d ago
I'm hoping they add more features for video editing in the future I.E. being able to edit videos, merge videos and add voice overs etc. also it needs youtube of course.

Can't wait until the 29th though, so hyped!
solidsheep  +   646d ago
I'm with you or at least let you export the videos to usb.
ANIALATOR136  +   646d ago
all it really needs is some expanded media capabilities such as custom soundtracks and for developers to make more earth shattering games and fully utilise what it has under the hood
Majin-vegeta  +   646d ago
Well the system barely came out so you gotta have patience.That's like expecting to be walking the moment you pop out xD.
ANIALATOR136  +   646d ago
yes patience is key. I know Sony have their eyes on the future
Lowsnamebrand  +   646d ago
Lol I like you analogy took my son 10months to walk the ps4 should be running miles by then lol
Belking  +   646d ago
But, i thought IGN was biased?
ZodTheRipper  +   646d ago | Funny
You think too much, you should discontinue that and do us a favour.
Lowsnamebrand  +   646d ago
Actually lately I've been hearing ign is bias toward the Xbox now Lol which ever console people like the other one is the one they're bias toward...except polygon that place is incredibly bias IMO
HighResHero  +   646d ago
Nobody said they are/aren't biased. You could probably /trollharder.
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sigfredod  +   646d ago
you are biased blind
Kingthrash360  +   645d ago
ign has a nintendo team, ps team, and xbox team.
people complain about the x1 team for its bias being that they are the only team that trolls ps. even the drm they were supporting it like it was all good same with the 720 thing. that where people get that from.
ps team always criticizes ps the the proper way...and are VERY harsh on the vita at times.
BlingBlaine  +   646d ago
Wow that is a high score from ign, lemme guess xbone gets 8.5? Ign=trash
HighResHero  +   646d ago
It's actually on the lower end of the "safe score" range. It is unlikely that either system would get lower than about 8 or higher than about 9.
It is very hard to (honestly) score a console at launch though, so in this case it might be understandable.
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Kingthrash360  +   645d ago
even with having to say "xbox_____" several times to work they will give it a just as good or better score. people say the kinect is supposed to be the difference it even won the x1 a "best new somethin award" but its not responsive. the games for it are bad and gimmiky and i really see no difference from the first kinect its still a work in progress and just like ps4 didnt get a pass for its short comings neither.
svoulis  +   646d ago
Still don't think consoles deserves scores, more so pros and cons not scores.
Lowsnamebrand  +   646d ago
Agreed they better release a new review every year when new features start rolling out
cell989  +   646d ago
I think this is a fair score
FPSRUSSIA  +   646d ago
8.2 not bad score at all but i think it deserves more then that.
mshh4  +   646d ago
The theory of giving a score to console god or bad score is totally wrong the console isn't a game that you can't change it's gameplay the console is a machine that it's maker can add many tools , programes , new features and new much better exclusive games to it
thornh  +   646d ago
Scores for consoles... wow.

8.2/10 based on what? Expectations? Competition? What would it have to do to get a 10? And, please, don't tell me it has to let me control my TV. I just want to play games.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   645d ago
Expectations? Isn't that why you guys are buying it? A 10? Maybe if it offered worthwhile exclusives for that $400...at launch.
pyramidshead  +   646d ago
Game0N  +   646d ago
I think the worst thing that ever happened to the gaming industry is numbered reviews. Imagine if there were no 8.5s, or 10s or 5s, and the writer had to put his writing chops to the test to describe and inform us on upcoming games. Nowadays, you don't even need talent to write a review, just post a number grade and a paragraph and you got yourself a review!
Which brings me to this particular review. Why give a number, especially here? This isn't a game, its a platform so it's going to change and evolve, how do you quantify that? Do you give another review 5 years later? How contradicting is this? I hope I'm not the only who feels this way. Lets get back to real writing!
strigoi814  +   646d ago
score for a console is a joke specially not realizing that it will get better after years to come
cyhm3112  +   646d ago
xbone will get a higher score, mark my words
BattleTorn  +   646d ago
Definitely. And it will be basically based on "doing more with less"
TristanPR77  +   646d ago
Of course, in the US. The media here always give better score to Microsoft. Maybe it is the reviewers are xbox fans or they are being paid by Microsoft. But the real review that matters is each one of out there playing PS4.

In my personal opinion, I don't have words to express how satisfied and in love I am with my PS4. All that power in such a tiny design, all those easy features and social stuff, man, Sony really did it.
LiQuiZoN  +   646d ago
Xbox will get 8.5, you heard it here first. Let's just say I know people. It's all predetermined. Whtether it really deserves it is another issue entirely.

Don't ever bite the hand that feeds you.

MidnytRain  +   646d ago
I don't understand the point of reviewing a console when we all know it's going to be updated, revised, and given additional support for the next 6+ years. Reviewing the actual games is enough as it is.
S2Killinit  +   645d ago
IGN is only getting on the bandwagon of anti PS4 campaign sponsored by Microsoft, so don't try to make sense of it too much.
MidnytRain  +   645d ago
They're anti-PS4?
S2Killinit  +   645d ago
yeah, but they are very good about disguising it. Its all in the details.
USA007  +   646d ago
They couldn't get remote play working outside the house? I've been over 100 miles away from my PS4 and remote play still worked amazing with lag being the same as if I was in my home
Bowzabub  +   645d ago
Get back to us around E3 '14.
NobleRed  +   645d ago
The only bad thing about the ps4 is the crappy standard drive.
Clarence  +   645d ago
So blame Sony for developers not using its full power. What a joke.
It's just like when they reviewed GT5 and gave it a low score, but they didn't even finish playing the whole game.
Harpers_Ferry  +   645d ago
Am I the only one who finds the scoring of consoles kind of disgusting?

Reviews are all fine and good, but trying to actually give a numbered score to a piece of hardware at launch is just absurd.
S2Killinit  +   645d ago
IGN has always had a bias for microsoft products so the fact that they couldn't find anything actually wrong with PS4 is pretty good news to me.
kB0  +   645d ago
Didn't they make fun of Ryse? I dont think they love Sony or Microsoft, I think they are actually Nintendo Fans if anything.

8.2 doesn't seem very fair imo, I thought it one of the best consoles to launch. I would say the only thing that I didn't like was that the power was slightly higher than I thought it would be (power usage in watts) and no backwards compatibility.

Other than that, they really brought it this generation, and even made a perfect change to the conroller:), although I find the Xbox One controller more aesthetically pleasing :P

9.0/10, only because it has potential to get better, and the launch features are enough to make it a decent console.

I was shocked at how much they could get out of ps3 which was considered limited at times, I'm sure we can expect nothing but good from both the Xbox and Ps4 this generation!
S2Killinit  +   645d ago
I'm pretty sure they are at least occasionally bought out to be the mouth piece of Microsoft. The way they do it though is not like any other gaming site I know. They are actually on par with major news (regular news) outlets in how they achieve their underlying message. For example, they might write an article that is seemingly critical of a microsoft game, but if you analyze the criticism down to its effects on the reader, you will notice a difference from when the criticize a game on a competing platform. Try it out a few times and pay attention to the choice of words, you might notice a pattern overtime.
hazardman  +   645d ago
It will be a 10 after some more games a few patches and new features(Gaikai) come to the console.
nosferatuzodd  +   645d ago
Shawtymann  +   645d ago
I think if you're going to review a console, it should be at the end of its generation
bligmerk  +   645d ago
The UI can be criticized for being too sparse but it is working smoothly. Now, finding out what its like to go from a PS3 to a PS4 is jaw dropping awesome. The texturing in KZ:SF is incredibly detailed, down to the veins and moisture of each individual leaf with dried edges and tips. There are real time reflections everywhere, with ease. The Helghan city is gigantic and the camera is swooping through, each window has its own independent reflection. KZ:SF is a 10 for technical achievement and the PS4 is doing it easily -- at launch.
Mac420  +   645d ago
All the launch titles to me suck, on both sides of the fence. I am a Socom guy so Killzone pretty much killed off the series I loved by taking all that Sony money on PS3, Dead rising , Ryse, Knack.

Lol all of them are a joke to get you to buy into a console. In a years time nobody will even remember, talk, or even care about these games. None of them are Mario, or Halo, MGS you get my point. Most played games year in year out are multiplats.
What keep 360 alive (COD an it's DLC)
Welcome2Die  +   645d ago
The way I see it and judging from the comments, 8/10 is a great score for a new console and this is Sony people, it means they havent yet EXPLODED with games.

8 out of 10 gives it room to improve, I think within the next year the PS4 will come to be a 8.5-9/10 console and within the next years it is going to be pretty close to a 10/10.

Greatness awaits.
DoggyBiscuit  +   645d ago
Fuck IGN I give the PS4 a 10 the graphics are great DS4 is a huge improvement over DS3 and the only bad game for PS4 is Knack
Phat   645d ago | Spam
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