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A Launch Title Done Right.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is one of the three PS4 exclusive titles that launched with the system, and it’s the fifth entry in Guerrilla Games’ Killzone franchise. Shadow Fall is set many years after the end of Killzone 3, which saw the destruction of Helghan at the hands of the VSA. Due to the annihilation of their planet the remaining Helghan are moved to Vekta to start New Helghan. Having their former enemy in their backyard makes many Vektans uneasy, and over time the paper thin truce between the two sides begins to deteriorate. Both Helghan and VSA forces spy on each side thanks to the deep-rooted mistrust between them, which leads to the creation of the VSA Shadow Marshals. These elite soldiers lead the covert operations taking place in Helghan territory, and as their name implies they’re both stealthy and deadly.

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WorldGamer1703d ago

I have said it before, this game is very good. I think for a launch title, on a limited time crunch on a brand new system, they did an outstanding job.

Still working through the campaign, but the MP is mad fun. Definitely one to pass those lazy holiday afternoons and evening playing online.

Good review.

Majin-vegeta1703d ago

Seems like all the small sites are really enjoying the game and bigger sites rushed through it.

WorldGamer1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

If you take the game for what it is, then the story is thoroughly enjoyable.

I would say that the story is a bit over the top at times, but I also enjoyed Rambo 5, even tho Silvester Stalone only had like 5 lines, and the last 5 minutes of the movie summed up the entire film.

I think that the problem with reviews by these bigger sites these days is that they try to treat EVERY game like a gourmet meal. You wouldn't compare McDonalds to a Ruth Chris steak house now would you? Different objectives, and need to be looked at for what they seek to provide to their customers.

KZ:SF is a great ACTION game, with an ACTION packed story and a great multi player. It is not Zelda or Skyrim, so I need to go into it with a notion that the story is going to be over the top action oriented.

By those standards, I would give this game the same score I would give BF4's story, a solid 9 to 9.5. I'm entertained, and I move on. I won't be thinking deeply about the story, I won't be thinking about it months from now. It's just good, solid action. Done.

SmielmaN1703d ago

I'm liking it better than BF4 right now. I think it's really good and has some beautiful environments and stiff challenges (even on normal). I was afraid it was going to be crap based on reviews on this site and my local eb games manager trying to talk me out of it because he heard it was crap. But, I bought it anyways because I liked the other ones and I'm glad I did. The graphics are AWESOME.

I haven't beaten it yet and I haven't tried multiplayer but I would give it a 8.5/10 so far.

fooltheman1703d ago

What? The manager tried to talk you out of it?
That's crazy

Livecustoms1703d ago

Will never understand how 8/10 to some people is classed as 'bad' lol its basically 4/5 aha

svoulis1703d ago

I beat it, was a great game, good variety in missions. You can't just run and gun, you will die. This game is hard especially on the hard setting.

I am considering going for the platinum in it :D

MrDead1703d ago

One of the very few reviewers that played the full game, single and multiplayer.

Edsword1703d ago

It's not a bad game. It definitely could have used a few more months of development though. The story is not even a bad story, it's just so disjointed. It is very hard to follow. Some parts needed axed too. Spoiler alert: the mission where you are protecting the transport that Massar is in, that flying part with the rockets you are able to shoot from who knows where, should not have made the final game. I enjoyed the game, but wow it could have used something's cut out.

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