Xbox One LIVE store prices revealed


The prices for launch titles on the Xbox One have been revealed. We have no idea if this was already known or not, but it certainly wasn't to us.

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jordypordy1699d ago

Doesn't look like they have changed much from Xbox 360 prices. Powerstar Golf price seems ok, have heard good things about that game.

darthv721699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

From the AVForums thread link, it seems like Forza is playable after 15% downloaded. That's pretty good.

Mikelarry1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

the day i pay 49.99 and above for a game is the day i stop gaming. guess i better invest it opening an American bank account to make my digital purchase

Sgt_Slaughter1699d ago

...Where have you been? Games have been $50+ since the NES days. Sometimes in the $70-80 range.

Mikelarry1699d ago

Not in uk they haven't, games here have been 39.99

Scatpants1699d ago

I think he's talking about pounds not dollars.

SniperControl1699d ago

All the top games are £47.00 on amazon UK, what a total rip off, that also goes for PSN & XBL.

I warned alot of people who said they wanted to go digital, be prepared to pay a premium for games.

bub161699d ago

Sony and Microsoft charge more for digital then retail, its silly! If they were cheaper I would buy them online and upgrade HD size,

I remember when sony and Microsoft both said it will be cheaper because there are no handling fees and such as making, printing, shipping, warehouse and retail costs. Sort it out

avengers19781699d ago

Plus no disc to make or case to put it in, digital games should be at least 10$ cheaper

devwan1699d ago

Maybe things will change with Sony opening up digital sales to Amazon and who knows who else? Not counting on it though...

mydyingparadiselost1699d ago

But it is cheaper... for Sony and MS. Digital has become one of gamings biggest scams, at least on the console side of things.

dansdooz1699d ago

And this is why people wont go digital £55 for a game is a joke, £45 at most and with all these microtransactions going on its a wonder people dont drop it all together.

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