War Thunder Video Demonstrates Commitment to Realism

War Thunder’s upcoming Ground Forces Expansion will provide gamers with even more real life action thanks to the effort and commitment by Gaijin Entertainment to ensure that gamers get the most realistic experience with the sounds of real World War II tanks discharged during battle. Similar to the process implemented by Gaijin Entertainment’s sound design team for all of the action sounds in War Thunder to date, the team again set out across the world to capture the sounds necessary to add more immersive elements to Ground Forces Expansion gameplay.

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WeAreLegion1764d ago

Can't wait to get it on PS4!!!

GarrusVakarian1764d ago

And its available at UK launch too! Woop.

HammadTheBeast1764d ago

From what I've played on PC, it's intense. I just hope Naval Forces can come soon after Ground Forces.

nitrogav1764d ago

Got to tell you , this excites me more than BF4 . Still not hyped for this even though i`m a premium BF3 PS3 user . War Thunder looks really interesting !! .

GinkgoID1764d ago

Only in Russia. I want their job!

JasonKCK1763d ago

Lot of good games come out of Russia. Precursors is one of my favs.