10 things that you should know about Sony’s PlayStation 4

Here are ten points that you should definitely know about Sony’s new console when it comes to making your buying decision between the PS4 and Xbox One.

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Benjaminkno1486d ago

I'm more pissed off that my original Playstation Network account isn't working...

MajorJackHoff1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Wut? For realsies? You can't bring your PSN account over to the PS4?

Edit: How do you disagree with a question?

LordDhampire1485d ago

It works just fine, he is just technology illiterate

MajorJackHoff1485d ago

I almost blew a fuse, bro. Do you realize how close I was to completely flipping out?

I figured this guy was just being a clown, but I don't have a PS4 yet so I was scared and confused.

Soldierone1485d ago

Lol don't freak out, right when you turn on the Ps4 it asks "use existing account" and all you do is put in your email and password.

This guy probably forgot his login.... lmao

ShinMaster1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Probably forgot his password lol

C-H-E-F1485d ago

@Major you can he's just having 1st world problems, my psn account works perfectly fine... with that being said @Ben you can add a disagree and +1 for trolling from me :D good day sir

Benjaminkno1484d ago

Well after I created a different one, it told me I couldn't sign in as another user.

So that means, use your original account first.

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thrust1485d ago

Only one good game right now.

razrye1485d ago

So bf4, ac4 and need for speed are crap? Am only saying since they are out on the ps4 also.

ziggurcat1485d ago

how? all you need to do is enter your e-mail & password from your existing PSN account.

Kydawg1485d ago

Thats bad news...I forgot my login password for PS3 and lost a ton of content (over $200) I had purchased. I called Sony and argued with them to no avail because there was no way to prove to them that, that was my account. (Even though I had the same credit card) I swore I would never buy another Sony product again...then PS4 came out, and I caved. I'm happy I did. (Morel of the story is DONT forget your password!!!)

Unreal011485d ago

But isn't all that your fault, not Sony's?

Kydawg1485d ago

@ Unreal

Its my fault for forgeting the password but shouldnt being able to provide them with the credit card number, expiration date, and security code that I used to purchase all the content with, be enough proof? It wasnt enough for them. I will not buy digital copies of games anymore because of that. I only download free games from my ps plus and buy disc games only.

Octo11485d ago

Does Sony not have a way for you to retrieve your password?

morganfell1485d ago

Are you saying you no longer have access to the required email address you utilized when you signed up? Something is amiss here and it isn't the method used to reset passswords on legitimate accounts.

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JimmyDM901485d ago

Here's the list. (It's stuff we've known for months)
1. No backwards compatibility
2. New and easier processing architecture/easier to design for
3. Needs extra stand to be vertical
4. Has a share button
5. Camera comes separately
6. Remote (second screen) play
7. Reduced media functions
8. Push towards indie games
9. Online multiplayer is pay to play
10. The controller feels great

Goku7811485d ago

My list.

1. It's 100 dollars cheaper than XBox one
2. It's quick and smooth ui
3. Resogun is a sleeper hit
4. Free to play like war frame can be a lot of fun.
5. Huge install base so games gaurrented to come
6. Most powerful console out
7. Live broadcast is a great experience to get everyone's own review.
8. The controller is much improved and the best one out.
9. You can run PS4 games thru a PS Vita
10. It Rocks especially in 1080p!

Ace Killa 081485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

This ^^

The console has a lot of potential. I'm trying to figure out how the 15 minute recording works, I had a 9 or 10 grenade kill in KZSF and I couldn't find the clip!!