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Alissa from Twinfinite writes, "Way back in August, I got the chance to play Resogun at PAX Prime. It was my first time using a PS4 controller, first time playing a game for a press preview, and first time being tremendously terrible at a shmup in public. Seems only fitting then that Resogun would be the first game I both played and fell in love with for this new console generation."

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PoSTedUP1581d ago

is it better than SSD:HD? it looks real good, i really liked SSD and would have wanted another one for the ps4.

redknight801581d ago

As awesome as SSD:HD is, I do personally prefer Resogun. That could just be based on recency, of course, but I have played the hell out of Resogun so far and this game is also incredibly gorgeous to look at.

PoSTedUP1581d ago

sweet, +helpfull bub. i guess the playing field expands upwards? i liked the spherical freedom of SSDhd. i wouldnt doubt my fellow gamers for a second tho.

redknight801581d ago

Yeah, I also loved the spherical gaming world of SSD:HD and I thought, initially, that Resogun would be a bit less fun since it took that away but I was soooo wrong. As you can tell from the videos, there is still that spherical feel but it is not a globe like gaming world, this is just left and right around the world. I have come to love it though and boy when so many enemies are on the screen at once, this game is just insane fun and I like Resogun a bit more over SSD:HD because you need a good amount more skill to navigate your ship in tight spots with enemies and bullets all around you and this more narrow field of play. I can just go on and on but no matter what your final preference will be, whether you think Resogun is better or not...I know for sure you will enjoy the title since you really liked SSD:HD.

teedogg801581d ago

And co-op is really awesome.

Livecustoms1581d ago

Reviews for this have been amazing, look forward to trying it on the 29th !

Zadom1581d ago

I have to admit this game is great. I am not at all into these types of games, but I keep playing it and loving it.

Glitchy1581d ago

I have seriously never enjoyed a shoot 'em up before this game. Its insane.

Software_Lover1581d ago


Are you young? I'm only asking because there have been great shoot em ups every generation for as long as I can remember.

McScroggz1581d ago

"Simple to play, difficult to master," comes to mind. If all you're doing is trying to kill a bunch of enemies in a row without dying you can have a lot of fun. But then factor in trying to save every human, not die during a level and get the highest score out of your friends and it quickly becomes addicting.

I don't play a lot of arcady, leaderboard type games; but this is the best "leaderboard" game I've played since Pacman Championship Edition DX, which is a phenomenal game. One of the few games I give full marks too.

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