EA Discusses Whether Battlefield Should be Released Annually

"EA's CFO says they Battlefield is a 'two-year project' and this does create some problems."

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AngelicIceDiamond1555d ago

Why so EA can botch more BF launches in order to beat out COD?

Please don't.

minimur121555d ago

I don't think they should, I mean if they can only make a 4 hour campaign in 3 years imagine what they would make in months ?!!? lol

pompombrum1555d ago

Exactly.. they haven't even fixed Battlefield 4's problems and can't even release a stable product and they are considering doing a yearly release? GTFO!

Either way, they won't do a yearly release I don't think. They will alternate it between Titanfall one year and Battlefield the next.

MWong1555d ago

NOPE!!! Please do not make it a Madden like franchise. The game would become seriously watered down.

I honestly wouldn't mind BF just being a online shooter. While this story was better than BF3's story it still wasn't an epic tale. So if DICE would just focus on the multiplayer aspect I think the series would be even better.

UltimateMaster1554d ago


If you start that, I'm never buying another BF ever again.

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Brawler1555d ago

Totally agree, this will ruin BF. I hope the next BF is BF2143.

DeadlyFire1555d ago

Next one is Battlefront(2015) they say, but have announced no shooter for 2014. So...


lol, with 2 years and a beta, they still can't get it right... and they even contemplated releasing every year?

Permagrin1871555d ago

"EA's CFO..."

Yeah it's gonna happen.

WeAreLegion1555d ago

IF you do, the franchise will suffer and you will lose fans quickly.

IF you don't, you maintain a great fanbase and don't doom one of the best developers in the business.

LOGICWINS1555d ago

EA technically already does this by re-releasing "Complete Editions" of BF games the year after the original release.

Its already happening. I don't see why its suddenly a problem.

Id rather get a game with a new coat of paint, new story, new features, and new modes each year as opposed to a 12 month old game + DLC.

LOGICWINS1555d ago

I know for a fact that Titanfall will be a yearly game if it sells the way EA belives it will sell.

I don't see the issue. If you don't want to buy the same game every year...then don't. Just buy the game every other year and pretend that the entry preceding it never existed.

Soldierone1555d ago

In order to do that, they need another studio to make the games. Either break DICE in two, or create another studio. However DICE seems pretty stingy with their engine for shooters, they barely let Danger Close use it for MOH.

I think Titanfall was meant to fill the gap, but since its being held hostage for one console it obviously can't for the time being.....

The answer is simple EA, bring back BLACK lol

Soldierone1555d ago

A game that looked and played awesome back on the PS2. It was awesome because it was outrageous, you were literally just blowing crap up and having fun watching it. None of this "authentic" military crap we have today.

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