The Xbox One - Mini Review & Comparison to Xbox 360/PS4

Anandtech compare the Xbox one to the PS4 & Xbox 360.

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Kayant1733d ago

Some note worthy things. Thanks gaf more at the link.

This is the big one. We’ve already established that the PS4 has more GPU performance under the hood, but how does that delta manifest in games? My guess is we’re going to see two different situations. The first being what we have here today. For the most part I haven’t noticed huge differences in frame rate between Xbox One and PS4 versions of the same game, but I have noticed appreciable differences in resolution/AA. This could very well be the One’s ROP limitations coming into play. Quality per pixel seems roughly equivalent across consoles, the PS4 just has an easier time delivering more of those pixels.

I grabbed a couple of scenes from early on in Battlefield 4. Once again the differences here are almost entirely limited to the amount of aliasing in the scene as far as I can tell. The Xbox One version is definitely more distracting. In practice I notice the difference in resolution, but it’s never enough to force me to pick one platform over another. I’m personally more comfortable with the Xbox One’s controller than the PS4’s, which makes for an interesting set of tradeoffs.


If all you play are cross-platform games, then the PS4 will give you better looking titles at a lower console cost. For those of you that are particularly bothered by aliasing, the PS4 will definitely reduce (not eliminate) that. However I would argue that if all you play are cross-platform games then you might want to look into buying/building a PC instead.

cyhm31121733d ago

the things is a console has a lot to offer which a pc couldn't. The opposite is true too. But I don't like playing games on a PC.

Thehyph1733d ago

The thread on neogaf.... wow.

Those comparison pictures with the multiplatform games... that's a bit rough.

ExitToExisT1733d ago

360 slim looks like a newer product.

buynit1733d ago

Ha! Yea it looks better too lol

sigfredod1733d ago

Lol even the browser war is won by the PS4: Both the Xbox One and PS4 ship with integrated web browsers. Neither experience is particularly well optimized for performance, but the PS4 definitely has the edge at least in javascript performance.

Power Consumption Comparison
Lower is Better SunSpider 1.0.2 (Performance) SunSpider 1.0.2 (Power) Kraken 1.1 (Performance) Kraken 1.1 (Power)
Microsoft Xbox One 2360.9 ms 72.4W 111892.5 ms 72.9W
Sony PlayStation 4 1027.4 ms 114.7W 22768.7 ms 114.5W
Power consumption while running these CPU workloads is interesting. The marginal increase in system power consumption while running both tests on the Xbox One indicates one of two things: we’re either only taxing 1 - 2 cores here and/or Microsoft isn’t power gating unused CPU cores. I suspect it’s the former, since IE on the Xbox technically falls under the Windows kernel’s jurisdiction and I don’t believe it has more than 1 - 2 cores allocated for its needs.
The lower the numbers the better since is milliseconds

Cartesian3D1733d ago

this is by far the best review for those consoles I've ever seen.. anandtech is the best!

PS4 has a huge advantage in performance, not just in rendering pixels or more pixel rate output through 2x ROPs.. in Browser and CPU performance too..