1,000 Battlefield 4 Codes Up for Grabs, 'Like' AMD's Gaming Facebook Page for a Shot at One

Maximum PC: When AMD originally announced its expanded game bundles for the holiday season, there was a bit of confusion surrounding which Radeon R9 Series product owners would receive a free copy of Battlefield 4. The original wording made it sound like anyone who purchased an R9 Series card starting on November 13th would be eligible, as long as it was from a participating vendor, but AMD later clarified that it would be up to each individual hardware partner and retailer to decide which SKUs qualify. To make up for the miscommunication, and also as a 'Thank You' to gamers who purchased a card prior to November 13th, AMD said it would be giving away 1,000 free copies of Battlefield 4. Here's how you can toss your name into AMD's hat for a shot at getting one.

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newsguy1728d ago

nice marketing campaign

komp1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

What, if no one is buying it then give it out for free?

(based on EA share price and "dropping off fast" sales of BF4)

I am a BF fan for clarity.

GentlemenRUs1727d ago

People still use Facebook?

brich2331727d ago

yes, but I use it once a week or less. I use youtube or n4g. I guess we are being forced google plus upon us too.

ginsunuva1727d ago

lol 1000 / their current # of likes (411,000) gives you a 0.2% chance of winning.