60 fps cheat for Need for Speed ​​Rivals

While Rivals is locked at 30 fps even at high-end PCs, you may start the game with a special start parameter to unlock "60 fps" gameplay - the game is essentially just faster now.

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sigfredod1554d ago

Its just me or not only boost the 60fps, but also speed up the game to the point to look unrealistic?

Cernunnos1553d ago

Seriously? I was gonna buy this game tomorrow on Origin. I didn't know it was locked to 30 fps by default. This is a no-buy then.

Blackdeath_6631553d ago

i think origin has digital refund policy within the first 24 hours its weird to think of origin as doing something right for one but this needs to be a must on all service and for longer than 24 hours

hennessey861553d ago


Riderz13371553d ago

That's the point...That is what happens when you make it run 60 FPS, the game speeds up. Watch Total Biscuits review of the game lol.

hennessey861553d ago

not to that extent it doesn't, smoother yes but but not on fast forward like that.

CandyFace1553d ago

Yes exactly to that extend, it's not fast forward... it's the bloody horrible port handling it's physics and the engine itself to the fps.

CrusRuss1553d ago

This is what happens when you dev games for inferior consoles and port it over to PC.

annus1553d ago

This has nothing to do with the console, and more to do with the devs being totally retarded.

It's game programming 101 to not do per clock cycle updates for things like movement.

If anything consoles should be a reason NOT to do this, when the framerate drops it will give a slow motion effect due to the car not moving at a consistent speed.

kB01553d ago

I don't know why some1 disagreed with you, this is exactly what's happening.

We see this usually in emulation.

SlapHappyJesus1553d ago

Nope. Just a crap job by a developer.

GodGinrai1553d ago

I was going to buy this on X1 anyway, but I think it was pretty dumb for EA to lock the game to 30FPS on PC. pretty dumb.

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The story is too old to be commented.