Lotus E21 costs £32.50 in Forza 5

GR-UK writes: "One thing that Turn 10 and Microsoft snuck into Forza Motorsport 5 was micro-transactions, whereby you can spend money on Tokens and then use them to acquire cars in the game if you wanted to shortcut the career to snag the faster cars quicker.

You can buy packs of Tokens at the following prices: 100 is £0.79, 575 is £3.99, 1250 is £7.99, 2700 is £15.99, 8000 is £39.99 and 20,000 is £64.99, so with the 2700 Token pack that's one McLaren P1 for £13.82. The more Tokens you buy, the cheaper they are. If you bought the 20,000 pack (costing £64.99) the McLaren would cost just £7.58. From the same pricing, a Veyron Super Sport will set you back £13.00, and the most expensive car in the game, the Lotus E21 will cost an incredible £32.50.

The smaller the pack of Tokens, the more expensive they are, so the worst possible way of picking up the game's most expensive car would be to buy 100 of the 100 Token packs, bagging you the exclusive 10,000 Token Lotus E21 for a cool £79."

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creeping judas1703d ago

Or you could grind, to earn enough in game money to buy them, like always. The tokens were introduced with Forza 4. And PD recently announced that micro trans actions will be introduced to GT6.

Welcome to gaming!!

Micro transactions won't go away, and everyone is quilty of using them.

GarrusVakarian1703d ago

"and everyone is quilty of using them."

I'm not.

OrangePowerz1703d ago

Curious to see the pricing in GT6, because 32£ for one car is a huge rip off.

guitarded771703d ago

Yeah. If it's on the same scale as GT5 DLC cars, it will be about. $1 a car. The DLC for GT5 was not expensive.

Angerfist1703d ago

those forza dlcs are stupid anyway, if i have to buy a car with real money it should go straight to my garage. a dollar per car is fair.

PraxxtorCruel1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

I'm a massive Forza fan but I have literally zero interest in the F1 cars and have never watched F1 races. It just doesn't grab my attention but for others whom are crazy for F1, this will be a grind fest...then again you don't buy Forza to play for a few hours and never again. Forza is an investment, you have to put a lot of hours into it.

ProjectVulcan1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

I like F1, less for the racing, more for the cars and technology which are second to none. An F1 car is an engineering masterpiece even with so many strict regulations. Every tiny detail has had huge design thought gone into it.

Driving one in a Forza setting would be cool, because nothing else in the game could touch it.

I'm not liking this token thing though, they had it in Forza 4 where you could buy cars, but they were only ever 1-3 tokens no matter what.

Oh well, lets hope the price of the car in game isn't so ludicrous you couldn't eventually get it after you finished most of the game

1nsomniac1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Hahaha what a joke!

£33 for an in game car. It doesn't need any jokes added, that statement says it all!

PraxxtorCruel1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

No, the joke is on the person whom decides to purchase it using real money. Just grind for the damn thing instead. Although yes I agree it is a ridiculous amount.

Chris121703d ago

Hahha the player who doesn't play the game but buys the cars instead. You'd have to be an idiot

OrangePowerz1703d ago

Some people have limited amount of time for playing games. Hence they are willing to pay some money to drive in the cars they like but would take them several months to unlock normally.

Angrymorgan1703d ago

Not really a "micro" transaction is it...

monkeyfox1703d ago

Its fine, you dont have to buy it as someone else said you CAN grind it out but they are still c£%ts for doing it. Its kind of taking the pi$$ out of their customers for even suggesting it i personally think/

GarrusVakarian1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )


I prefer to actually play the games i buy for unlockables......who does this?

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