5 Companies That Should Buy The Xbox Division If It Ends Up For Sale

Omnigamer writes, "Although many candidates are being considered for Microsoft CEO, the media takes notice when one of them wants to sell off the gaming and search engine division."

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GrizzliS19871642d ago

It would be in Apples best interest to purchase it considering the rivalry it has with Microsoft, saying to the consumer, here, we will take it from here and do what youre not capable of doing, making profit. The publicity alone would propel Apples stock :/

iamnsuperman1642d ago

Why would they. Apple have already created a very successful (for them) mobile ecosystem why would they buy the Xbox brand which has no mobile ecosystem nor does it fit with Apple's overall image (the Xbox brand has its own image and stigma to it). They probably could do better starting from the ground up as they could make it fit with their image

The most likely companies are manufacturing companies or something like Google who has its hands in everything (I don't think Google has a cohesive cooperate image so that wouldn't matter). Or a rich oil Tycoon will pick it up as a way of branching out

Silver3601642d ago

Which one is going to buy cloud service also

thrust1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Never going to happen

they are not going to make the person a ceo who wants to do this he has made him self lose the job, how stupid!

MrPerfect8131642d ago

Hmmm, i didnt think it was a slow news day for one of these articles.

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