PlayStation 4 Owners Buying an Average of three Games per Console

"Sony managed to sell one million units in the first 24 hours of the PlayStation 4's launch, but console owners kept spending. When speaking at the UBS Global Technology Conference in Sausalito, California, EA CFO explained that for every PS4 console sold, buyers bought on average three different games."

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sAVAge_bEaST1465d ago

Sounds right.. I bought 3 games,. So did my cousin. -That's a basic number for a launch system.

NewMonday1465d ago

this means the PS4 is off to a profitable start, Sony said they need to sell at least 1 game with every console to break even, this is a good ratio.

Neonridr1465d ago

And 1 game is almost a given. Agreed, a very good ratio to start though.

Ol_G1465d ago

I bought 4 games on my Wii 2 games on ps3 and 4 games on my Wii u at launch so Yeah that's kinda normal
It would be strange to sell the consoles withouth games

imt5581465d ago

Sony makes 18$ on each PS4 :

Well, i bought 4 games. Better than average gamer.:-D

SmielmaN1465d ago

I got BF 4, KZ:SF (which is crazy good graphics and gameplay), and a extra controller. With PS+ (member since it's inception) I also go Resogun and Contrast for free, both are fun.

Now, can we look into bringing custom themes back?

ABizzel11465d ago

Pretty much what I bought, except an extra controller. Bought the Killzone bundle, then used the amazon promo to do Buy 2 get 1 free. Got BF4 and Call of Duty. Returned COD to Wal-Mart without a receipt got a $60 Gift Card for BF Shopping :D

SmielmaN1465d ago

Walmart is great for that! Hahaha! Who disagrees with my purchases? Lol

MikeGdaGod1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

same here...i bought Killzone, 2K14, and an extra controller, the camera, renewed my PS plus, and 2 year warranty


waiting on AC, Knack, Cod, BF, and NFS to come through Gamefly

thehitman1465d ago

I have 4 games but only paid for 2 thanks to amazons buy 1 get 1 free.

TruthBTold1465d ago

So you have 3 games since you paid for two and got one free or you paid for 4 and have six. Im confused how you got 4 if you only purchased 2. The offer was buy 2 get 1. I have kzsf and fifa and got nba 2k 14 for free.

thehitman1465d ago

Amazon had buy 1 get one free. I had the KZ launch bundle and used free code in e-mail for extra free. Then I had my bro use his card for another game and it gave us another game free. Paid for KZ and AC4 got NBA2k14 for free and BF4 for free.

Tetsujin1465d ago

I'm part of that "3 game" crowd; Killzone, AC 4, and Injustice.

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nutcase131465d ago

I can only afford 1 :( BF4 Here i come!

Blackdeath_6631465d ago

BF4 is buggy across the board, i would hold out on that one.

GarrusVakarian1465d ago

Sounds about right:

1)Killzone SF
3)NFS rivals

Maybe BF4 too depending on how the servers are by the time its out ion the UK.

Lunarassassin1465d ago

You made a gramatical mistake in the fact you put "ion" rather than "iron" and seems the reply is from ION53 it's quite humourous.

Thegamer411465d ago

You said "ion" instead of on, hes just joking I guess :P

WeAreLegion1465d ago

Bought six physical discs. :)

Seraphemz1465d ago

Here in the US Target had a 3 for 2 deal...couldnt pass that up!

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