Sony offers solutions for PS4 game crashes and unrecognizable discs

GameZone writes, "Sony is continuing to look into the issue where some PlayStation 4 consoles are not ejecting game discs from the console, but in the meantime they've addressed another issue that may or may not be related to the aforementioned problem. Sony added a note for people encountering the specific issue where your game crashes in the middle of gameplay and your disc is no longer recognized."

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Deividas1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Nice to know Sony is on top of all the problems and working on the fixes and communicating with the community.

Mine has been working since I picked it up at midnight. Not a single problem has yet to hit me. I am loving this thing

@Disagrees: No its not nice to see a company respond so fast to its issues? Or No my console is actually not working great and i am not actually loving it?

BX811700d ago

True. A speedy response is always in order. Is this a new problem? I've seen the blue light, games not ejecting, hdmi ports, but not the reading of discs or game crashes. Thanks.

Deividas1700d ago

No its still in line with the not ejecting. What happens is that the PS4 doesnt recognize that there is a disc in the system and wont even try to eject.

BX811700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Ah, thanks. I hope they figure all these things out before an uncharted special edition console release. Bubble up for being helpful.

ZBlacktt1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Problem is you have a bunch of bandwagoner screen names just jumping in to make it more then it ever was/is. With 9 out of 10 not even owning a PS4 to begin with. Typical internet life.

Btw, I'm with you. Enjoying this machine so much it's killed my gym time all week long, lol. :(

redknight801700d ago

haha same here, this damn PS4 is killing my gym and study time! gggrrrrr

Crazay1700d ago

LOL - The disagrees around here are comical sometimes.

Yes I agree it's good that they're reacting quickly to the issues. Just unfortunate that there seem to be so many little quirks affecting people when all they want to do is play their games they forked out all this $$$ for.

MrPerfect8131700d ago

This might be the first console launch where i get that no questions asked warranty that just exchanges for a new console.

muffinbutton1700d ago

Game crashes and unrecognizable discs?? Had this been said about xbox even with them fixing the issues people would of been trolling

Lowsnamebrand1700d ago

People are gonna troll anyways, I hate that whole if this was Xbox argument, its true for both sides of the fence, you might not see PS4 trolling on this sight to often but other sites are running crazy with trolling so please stop with the crap trolls and fanboy are gonna bash everything negative about whatever console they don't like

Drekken1700d ago

That tinfoil hat looks lovely on you. It matches your armor plated wrist bands.

KYU21301700d ago

maybe you have been asleep at the keyboard, their has been a massive amount of trolling on the launch issues surrounding the PS4. The only reason you are seeing a drop in it now is because MS has lifted the Embargo on the XB1. all of those fans are busy sucking in live feeds and information from now till launch, on thursday night

ZBlacktt1700d ago

I'm still looking for one person I know of to have a single issue. We even created a thread about it....

Utalkin2me1700d ago

My BF4 crashes quite a bit actually. I just gave up on it cause it keeps corrupting my save data. But other then that my system has been perfectly fine.

ZBlacktt1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

That is 100% on Dice and that is very well known. I pre ordered that game and have yet to even open it. Because all my friends are saying nothing but issues playing it.

1700d ago
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