GamesBeat: Every turn is a story in the solid Forza 5 for Xbox One (review)

GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb: Forza 5 is a fine way to spend a console launch. I’m not all that into cars, but I found an exceptionally built game that is welcoming to rookies. If you’re that guy standing in line at Target looking for a game to buy for the Xbox One at launch, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Forza.

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Sadie21001558d ago

Forza and Need for Speed both look great on next-gen, but I REALLY want a new Burnout!

jounceman1558d ago

Throw some ballistic turtle shells in there and I'm in.

darkronin2291558d ago

Yeah, if I had to choose between racing sim and kart racer, I'd go kart racer every time.