Which Next Gen Consoles and Games Are IGN Readers Buying?

The Wii U and PS4 consoles are already out in the wild. The Xbox One releases in just a couple days. The next generation is almost in full swing! Not only are there new consoles, but new IPs as well. With so much new stuff here and incoming, it's impossible to predict how things will play out.

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dedicatedtogamers1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Interesting stat tracking. Looks like PS4 is leading the pack by a sizeable margin. The two most anticipated games are coincidentally going to have "definitive" versions on the PS4. Twice as many people want to own the PS4 compared to the Xbox One.

And mind you, this is IGN, primarily focused on North America (not or IGN.aus). It will be interesting to see how these sorts of polls are in Europe, Japan, etc.

FITgamer1735d ago

You'd never know that looking at the comments. The Xbox trolls on here are amateurs compared the mess IGN has.

GrandpaSnake1735d ago

thats true though i think they actually have a few shills in that site.

Automatic791734d ago

Switch N4G and IGN the same can be said of both console fanboys you say Xbox on N4G on an Xbox article and all the Sony trolls come out and hit disagree.

GuyThatPlaysGames1735d ago

I've always owned both original xbox and ps2. Last gen I had both the 360 and PS3. This gen I already own a PS4 and will be passing up the XboxOne. Nothing there that really appeals to me. Already have Ghosts, BF4, all the free PSN games and just waiting for Watchdogs. Love the PS4 so far and ZERO complaints!

ATiElite1735d ago

From IGN Board "if there is one thing i'm convinced of it's that the PS4 is a huge piece of sh**"

Smh! This guy ^^^^^ is either off his meds or needs to be on meds!

No way anyone in their right mind would call the PS4 that!

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RPG_Lover1735d ago

I already own a Wii u so I didnt vote for it. Not a real representation

Yep1735d ago

Note: 26,000 is a very small percentage of IGN's reader base which is millions of unique views a month. There's also the fact that Nintendo fans are naturally less likely to engage in console wars so they don't vote.

A poll like this could have been held before the Wii launched and I'm sure it would have looked exactly like it does here.

(This has been the same principal for all polls)

imXify1734d ago

With 26000 the margin of error is very small.

BosSSyndrome1735d ago

little concerned about the "None: 27%"

Sevir1735d ago

Dont be... Those are people who are waiting for more games to come out after the early adopters have gone through all the patches and bugs and the sort

Roccetarius1735d ago

That percentage could go either way. Maybe they're waiting for the beta testing to be done and new games, or they've switched to PC gaming.

Personally, i would be in the none category as well.

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