Sonic Lost World Review {Critically Sane}

Critically Sane: "I’ve long defended this series and loved Sonic Generations. Why did Sega decide to fix what wasn’t broken? They finally figured out how to make Sonic work again and then quickly moved along to this misguided experiment. It’s hard to forgive Sonic Lost World’s missteps in trying something different when its heart isn’t even in the right place."

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Yep1768d ago

Nintendo and other companies that strive to provide original experiences fix what wasn't broken all the time. Not sure why SEGA doesn't get a pass with Sonic.

SegaGamer1768d ago

Bacause people love to hate on Sonic, it's pretty pathetic.

kariyanine1767d ago

Except those other companies actually succeed at providing good experiences while Sega doesn't do that with Sonic.