Microsoft to Avoid any "Gaps" With XB1 Game Releases

Phil Spencer, Microsoft Studios’ corporate vice-president, has made it clear that a steady flow of first party games for the Xbox One will be a priority.

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Letros1849d ago

Hopefully they saw the massive catching up PS3 did due to the lack of exclusives late in the 360 life cycle.

dedicatedtogamers1849d ago

Agreed. The last 3 years of the 360's lifecycle had months and months of "gaps" between worthwhile titles, especially after MS shifted focus toward Kinect. Hopefully Microsoft realizes that it was their behavior in the first 4 years - not the last 3 years - that allowed the 360 to become such a popular console.

JeffGUNZ1849d ago

I really think MS learned they have to keep exclusives coming. Personally, I don't care who makes a game as long as I like it, but for the console itself, exclusives are nice to have. It looks like the +billion they threw into their studios and the new ones they opened appear to be working. Lets hope they deliver good games.

Manic20141849d ago

That's great news, it seem's they know what their mistakes were for the past couple of years...

from the beach1849d ago

So far the outlook is good, hopefully the 'launch window' won't be Wii U epic!

green1849d ago

And this my fellow gamers is the reason why competition is good.

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