You Should Be Careful What You Call “Next-Gen”

An eGamer journalist defends the launch games of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and argues against critics and gamers who have stated that some games do not feel "next-gen" enough to be worth the hype. The previous generation is used as comparison, and it is explained why these high expectations are slightly misguided.

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nutcase131767d ago

Just wait until Destiny, The Order etc come out, then we will make the decision as to whether this is truly a next gen console.

chrissx1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

As far as I'm concerned there's only 1 true next gen console. The one were games like infamous 2nd son and the order and some ND games will appear on. Ps4

THEDON82z11767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )


Hicken1767d ago

If they're comparing the new generation of games to the latest on the current generation of hardware, the jump won't be that large. It wasn't really that large on most games between generations 6 and 7, either.

But if you compare launch titles to launch titles... now THERE is a massive difference.

That's what needs to be done here. It won't, but it'd go a long way towards getting a more accurate feel for what these games are all about.