Trade in Challenge - Assassins Creed: Black Flag

Trade in Detectives' Glen Beckley enters his penultimate entry to the Trade in Challenge, and details what he thought off his recent purchase [Black Flag] along side how he managed to bag it for just £8.88!

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ZBlacktt1767d ago

The Creed' fanbase love this game to death. As does people not so die hard of the series. With AC3 turning a lot of people off. This game has once again put the spark back into it. Something not felt since AC2/Brotherhood. I'm more then half done with everything in the game on the PS4 version. That's how many hows I've put in since I got it. It's that good.

GarrusVakarian1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

I need your honest opinion on something ZBlacktt (please try and be as unbiased as you can), just how much 'Assassin' is this game? Obviously im expecting heavy use on the pirate theme (duh), but can you still say its an ASSASSINS creed game?

I just want to be 100% before i purchase this game, the past few haven't been very 'assassin' in my opinion. Ive seen some gameplay of my friend playing it on PC and apart from dumb AI and sometimes annoying free running controls, it seems very good. Miles better than 3 and revelations. But i couldnt help but think it should have been called Pirates Creed.

I ask you because he hasn't played much of the story at all......

ZBlacktt1766d ago

Well, to be honest it comes and goes. It's like AC, Far Cry and Prince of Persia all mixed into a Pirate game. Oh it's all good bro, I'm to old to not say how I feel. Even if I like something a lot. There is A LOT of AC in it yes. But once you get out on the sea, you tend to forget that. But you are also not really thinking it's not. Because the setting,visuals and game play is just so damn good. Even the music is so good. It's like you get out there and you are looking through your spy glass never knowing what you'll see. Then you spot a ship with a huge mast and sails. That means big money! So the level of excitement never dies because the map is huge. The activities are so many.

If AC2 is the best because of the story. Then this one is the best because of the visuals, graphics, gameplay and fun. I've yet to open my other games I've gotten. This world is so alive is breath taking.

A con, well the typical AC mechanics are still around. Yes that grab things you never meant to grab. Jump a tad off direction you intended, etc. But the way the world is set up it so freer to move, climb, hide, etc. When you start seeing Man O War ships out at sea for the first time. It's awesome! They are like floating cities with 50 canons on each side and mortars on top. When you pull up next to one to board it. All you see is a wall of canons over you ship deck, lol. Because your ship is so small compared.

There are 4 ships that are even bigger then those. :D

Games a total win in every way. I'll be getting the DLC for it as well. I don't care much for the multiplayer. Just never been something I'd get into.. walking around stab someone walk around.