Disgaea 4 Return Gets New Screenshots, Artwork and Information on New Content

Nippon Ichi Software released today a batch of new information, screenshots and artwork of Disgaea 4 Return, that will be released exclusively on the PS Vita in Japan next year.

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dedicatedtogamers1768d ago

So pumped to jump into this again. Played the main campaign on PS3, but I decided to wait for the Vita version before I explored all of the mountains of extra stuff.

Abriael1768d ago

Yeah, me too, the new scenario looks really interesting, and I hope it'll give some closure on you know what.

Ced2141768d ago

This is a game the vita needs. You could play this for 6 months and you still have a lot to do. Here's hoping for a release to the western market.

Abriael1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

You can pretty much bet on it. Nippon Ichi releases everything disgaea in the west, so we'll see it for sure.

They're never been too concerned by sales anyway.

Inception1768d ago

Already have the LE for PS3 and i don't know if want to get it again for Vita. Besides, i still not have Disgaea D2. Damn wallet T_T

muttsurini1768d ago

Man i just finished persona 4 golden and disgaea 3 i need this game now.