CVG- Forza Motorsport 5 Review

CVG:After days spent with Xbox One's demonstrably beautiful racer, we loaded up its Xbox 360 predecessor and realised what's missing from Forza Motorsport 5: Vitality, speed and exhilaration.

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green1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

"The result is a gameplay experience that is centred around the precarious balance of a car being driven at the very limit of its capabilities. The optional assists will soften the difficulty to varying degrees, but if you don't like the idea of wrestling with a car that's constantly on the ragged edge of control, this game is not for you. Yes, even though it looks this good, you won't have fun for very long if you don't enjoy transferring weight appropriately from one wheel to another.

Perhaps in acknowledgement of the frustrating nature of the hyper-realistic simulation,"

Now they don't like it because its handling is more realistic? Well i am happy that the realism has drastically improved. Shame that the content has been reduced.

Angels37851770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Reviewers said the same things (among other things) about GT5 the handling was too difficult.

Which I think is just a ridiculous excuse to knock the game. These reviewers don't like looking bad in games. They tend to knock difficult ones...

NewMonday1770d ago

so far Forza5 is setting the bar low, as it stands DC has a chance to steal the limelight

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JokesOnYou1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Yeah to each his own, Turn10 has been accused of making their this "SIM" to easy in the past with the assists, always thought that criticism was weird when they are totally optional and I find this criticism just as weird since it can't be that hard with assists turned on???...but its OK, sometimes some folks are just not feeling a game whatever their reasons. I respect CVG though, good site in my eyes even if I disagree on this one. Take the good reviews with the bad, errr in this case not so good. Enjoy my fellow xbox fans on Nov 22nd, party like a Rockstar.

XB1_PS41770d ago

Ok, cool. So in the cons of a racing simulator is the steering is too realistic. I'm in.

hello121770d ago

The reviewers pro and cons.

(pros) Remarkable visuals
Meticulously detailed
Ai system carries potential

(cons) Punishing car handling (some people will like it, others will not.

Limited number of tracks (fair point)
Microtransactions (fair point)

FANTA11801770d ago

esp with the new thumbstick feedback , this should be quite an adventure for gamers

cant wait.

clouds51770d ago

It's horrible I've seen alot of games getting bad reviews because they are "too difficult". Damn sissys. I appreciate the challenge!
The only thing I hate about Forza is that it's only on Xbox. There are superb racing wheels on the PC and it's just a shame that most people play these sim type racers with that damn gamepad. But I won't buy a console and racing wheel just for this game... So, bring it on MS! Give us PC Forza.

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hello121770d ago

I like the guys at CVG. Interesting, i think their main issues are mainly with the lack of content. Which is fair i guess, but still the game looks good and plays good.

kiz26941770d ago

I agree, I said this earlier that the game will be good, but it shouldn't be praised like the previous have, if there is less content and issues with the AI

Boody-Bandit1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Exactly. My biggest gripe all along, and with my being a Forza fanatic myself, with this game is it having less than half the content of Forza 4. It should have been $39.99 at most. If it was it would've been rated higher by everyone. This is why I am passing on a Forza title for the 1st time since the series launched on MS hardware.

Lots of Forza fans on their forums complain about Turn 10 milking DLC. A fair amount of DLC they release isn't even covered under their season passes. Now they are releasing half a game at full price and 1st DLC. Again, COME ON MAN! - Chris Carter

ThatEnglishDude1770d ago

$50 season pass is where the content is.

FANTA11801770d ago




mitford1770d ago

or a scalextric just one trigger no steering :~)

cell9891770d ago

I wonder how GT6 will compare against this one